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5/10/12 10:58 P

Yes, they do. Congrats on your positive attitude. The battle is won or lost in our brains. Clearly you will succeed because of your attitude!

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5/10/12 8:16 P

Yay to both AMDEBOARD and IOWADEB!

Building on those "little" things sure adds up. That's exactly the way to do it.
Great job you two.

emoticon emoticon

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5/10/12 8:12 P


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5/10/12 5:36 P

My small change was I went by bike to a grocery store. Bought one thing and then came home. About 20 min to go one mile one way. First time I was on a bike since I moved back to Iowa, ??? 6 years ago YEAH for me!! emoticon

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
5/10/12 5:03 P

Yup, small goals that are entirely achievable, small successes build momentum! Good start! When you make changes gradually and find they work, you get more motivation to keep going! And good for you all the way around! Woo Hoo!!!

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5/10/12 10:53 A

Also, it's donut day today at work. I passed the donuts on my way to check my weight. Seeing a positive loss really did make it easier to pass that donut up, believe it or not!

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5/10/12 10:46 A

I've just finished my first week on Spark People and I completely cringed when I saw my start weight was 236. I'm happy to say that this week I lost 3 pounds by doing really small changes I eliminated as much soda as possible (only had one cola this week where before I was drinking one a day) and trying to ensure that at least one meal each day has several portions of vegetables. Small changes that have had a postive impact. This week I'm focusing on maintaining those changes and adding some exercise to my routine. I've always attacked things with vigor before and then fizzled out within weeks. I'm starting out small but steady and I'm hoping that this website will help keep me focused on my goals. So many times before I have only thought about my goals once or twice a week. I really like the articles here and have been trying to login every day to keep this top of mind.

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