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6/14/12 12:29 P

I know if I limit wheat products (bread, crackers, pasta, etc), I lose weight faster and I have more overall energy with less "crashes".
I can eat all the rice and white potatoes I can stomach, but the processed wheat products are a trigger for me. One I eat them, I crave more and more of those processed foods, but "slower" carbs, help me eat in more moderation.
Best of luck to figuring out what works best for you.

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6/14/12 1:50 A

Recently I have been experimenting with eating quite a bit of nuts, especially almonds, and as a result my macro nutrients are heavily loaded in fat (well, healthy type) and protein, and quite low on the carbs (I actually cannot make the minimum most days). My total calories consumed is usually in the upper end of my daily caloric allowance.

But I am surprised to see that I am not losing fat any more. What is more, I find myself reluctant to move in general, I feel kind of sluggish. Starting an exercise is more difficult than ever. And this is not only for one single day, most days have turned out to be like this.

Meanwhile, I came across the following article which demonstrates that at the same caloric intake, there is no advantage of low carb high fat diet, and actually may even be worse for fat loss:
The journal is a very respected one.

Now I want to reintroduce the complex carbs, because it seems that actually I don't benefit from a low carb diet.

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6/13/12 11:52 P

Avoiding the "fast carbs" can help you avoid carb cravings due to swings in your blood sugar ... but any weight you might lose is related to the fact that you end up eating less calories because you are not eating as many calories overll.

That's not a bad thing ...especially if you are one of those people (like me) who gets bad carb cravings whenever I eat fast carbs. If I eat fast carbs, I end up eating a lot more calories in the long run as I give into those carb cravings.

6/13/12 8:09 P

Using the Glycemic Index has not been shown to be an effective weight loss tool.
Weight loss has to do with your total calorie intake; and a big part of your total calorie intake is your total carohydrate intake.

I would encourage you to focus more on your total calories and total carbs---select healthy types of carbs: fruits, beans, lentils, lowfat milk and yogurt, whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.

SP Dietitian Becky

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6/13/12 6:03 P

Is "Slow Carb" the name of the book? Carbs are my biggest enemy right now, cutting them is like cutting off a limb. I've never heard of it, but would be interested to know more!

Blessings, Michelle

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6/13/12 5:37 P

I have recently read a lot about high and low glycemic foods. I just found this book called the Slow Carb diet. It doesn't restrict anything- you eat meat, vegetables, and beans mostly. You can have some fruits, but bread or grains you can have after a workout. Has anyone ever heard of this? Has anyone tried it? Or tried anything like it? It's not Atkins or South Beach. You just stay away from all the processed carbs...

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