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4/19/12 10:33 A

I always cook more servings and divide and freeze !

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4/11/12 1:59 P

Veggie Wrap

100% Whole Wheat Tortilla (Nothing that says "whole wheat flour" b/c that is just white flour in disguise, should say "100% whole grain/wheat")
broccoli slaw in center of tortilla
halved cherry tomatoes on top of broccoli slaw
topped with "cheese" alternative (I use mozzarella veggie shreds and melts & tastes the same!)
Put in microwave for 1 minute!
**Be careful b/c the tomatoes get really hot. I usually eat 2 of these and it tastes better than it sounds. Very simple!

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4/8/12 8:34 P

Mix an angel food cake mix and a Duncan Hines strawberry cake mix. Stir the dry mixes together. Put 3 Tbsp in a small glass bowl, mix in 2 Tbsp water, and microwave for 1 minute, covered. (I do it in a mug with a lid.) Add a couple of strawberries and a tiny dollop of whipped cream. It's called a 3-2-1 cake. I have no idea what the nutrient data is. A friend just told me about this today.

4/5/12 3:49 A

3 oz bnls sknls chicken
cooking spray
1tbls minced garlic
2 c baby spinach
1bag house tofu shirataki noodles
1tbsl Marie calendars yogurt Parmesan dressing, or other light Caesar dressing

spray skillet with cooking spray, sauté garlic and chicken until done. Add spinach and cook until wilted. Prepare noodles according to directions on bag.You can sub whole wheat pasta, but the cal count will go up a lot. Turn off heat, add noodles, and dressing. toss well. Enjoy!
Had this for lunch today, delish!

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3/19/12 5:45 P

Spinach Omelet, Toast with light Peanut Butter, Grapes (approximately 300 calories)

Spray skillet with cooking spray.
Add green onions to taste, usually a couple stalks (for lack of a better term).
Heat up frozen spinach enough in microwave to add about half cup to green onions.
Salt the combo lightly and sautee for a couple of minutes to your liking.

In a bowl, crack two eggs and about a tablespoon of hot sauce (Frank's Red Hot is great).
Wisk with fork to mix.
Pour over spinach/onion mixture and mix in.

Serve with whole wheat toast with tablespoon of light peanut butter and a half cup of grapes.

Alteration ideas: Use white onion instead of green onions, add fresh mushrooms to skillet with spinach/onion.
Add a pinch of light-skim mozz (but fat and calories will go up).

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3/19/12 5:39 P

I recently came across a bunch of single serving recipes and found many things to love about them.

First, if I taste test while cooking, that just means there is less for later. But I am still only getting one serving per meal.

Next, the recipes are quick with few ingredients.

Also, they are tasty and fit into my calorie and nutrition needs for the day.

And, I can have a few basic recipes and just mix and match them each week.

I can add veggies or change some minor ingredients I don't care for.

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