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5/19/11 12:33 P

Is it not amazing how when you lead by example how those who love you will follow! Congratulations on a job well done!

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5/19/11 9:38 A

1. I buy & cook the food
2. When I sign up for runs I register the kids too
3. We all have an activity (DD - Gymanstics, DS - Soccer, DH - Walking, Me - Running)
4. We swim and play at the beach as a family

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5/17/11 8:47 P

I am primary person who shops and cooks leaving me with the honor of designing healthy meals. My husband loves me and wants the best for me which means that he is on this journey with me. He has watched me lose 20 pounds in the last 6 months and be devoted to fitness and encourages the effort. My son says,,wow and yum! Which means he is in it too!

5/17/11 12:29 P

I just stopped buying all the crap I was buying and my husband started feeling the difference with eating more whole and fresh food. Just buy doing this he is in love with ground turkey and would have never tried it if I didn't buy it.

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5/10/11 9:58 P

the journey to better health?

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