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6/10/12 11:24 P

If that's your problem, I think you can fix it without turning to high-dollar protein shakes to do it. You don't need to resort to that just because you're busy! With forethought and planning, you can make it up through healthier means without it.

Sparkpeople has some tips:

If you just plain need to turn to supplements, Shakeology won't provide you with anything special to justify its price tag over grocery-store shakes. And even better, you can get regular protein powder for a fraction of the price, and make your OWN. Heck, you don't even need powders. Make your own shakes and smoothies with whole food ingredients, and you don't need to pay exorbitant prices from a company that is more marketing than research.

JENN42076 Posts: 281
6/10/12 11:17 P

My reasoning for considering the shakes is... I do not eat enough I was hoping they would help me with the extra calories I need to start losing the weight my body is in starvation mode mostly due to my work schedule. I work in healthcare I know shakes are not a fix all trust me but when I am at work I need to eat on the run..One night it took me 4 hrs to eat a half of sandwich there for I am eating one good meal a day I have been pushing myself to eat more and I am still just under the low end of my range so for me if I can drink some protein calories and nutrient it may just be what I need. I do not get a 30 minute break at work I am on call all night if I am needed I need to be ready and trust me the minute I sit down to eat I am needed LOL

JMCCAY26 Posts: 163
6/7/12 1:19 A

I do get on it now and then but im not paying hundrends on them when i can make my own myself

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6/7/12 1:16 A

I tried it once because a friend gave me a sample. I blended mine with some skim milk and a bunch of strawberries and it was delicious. I can put down a lot of food at one sitting and I couldn't finish the whole thing. But like you said, it's expensive and I wouldn't rely on the shakes to teach good eating habits. If anything, I think they'd work well every now and then when you're in a pinch.

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6/7/12 1:01 A

And therein lies the problem, JMCCAY26. Meal replacement shakes don't teach you healthy eating. THey work (for the reasons previously explained, they're simply less calories, not magic weight loss formulae) but they don't address the underlying issues, so when you go back to the way things were... you end up putting the weight back on.

JMCCAY26 Posts: 163
6/6/12 10:06 P

I buy sample packs from a coach as they are awesome products. lost like at least 10 lb when i was doing it but then when i got off gained some back

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6/6/12 9:54 P

A Shakeology shake, when mixed with skim milk, contains about 190 calories. Replace any two of your meals with 190 calories of anything and you'll lose weight. Replace two of your meals with 190 calories worth of Mars bars, pop a multivitamin or two, and you'll get the same result as if you took Shakeology.

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6/6/12 2:36 P

SERGEANTMAJOR made me think of my sister and brother who both got into selling a "Health Product" at $30.00 per month for $2.00 worth of juice and a few cents worth of herbs. However, it cured everything from anxiety to cancer and then some.

My sister decided to take a bottle to my dad who was in the hospital with heart valve problems, my brother said, "Your NOT giving that shxx to dad."

I noted that this was not a rousing endorsement.

6/6/12 1:42 P

Can you say "snake oil salesmen"? Once again the gang at Beachbody are selling hype and vague claims without any substance. If you want a meal replacement supplement whey protein powder (soy for the lactose intolerant) will fill the bill. I can buy a decent flavoured whey protein powder at Walmart for $15, the soy based ones are about the same. This is a thirty day supply, has about 140 calories depending on what beverage you mix it with and is loaded with a variety of nutrients. No hype, no grandiose claims just a decent supplement to serve as a meal replacement or protein supplement in my opinion.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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6/6/12 12:20 P

Only review I found that does not look like it is from the company

Also note worthy, they make research claims but do not site details of the research, who did it, how was it controled, etc.

because Shakeology is being used to reduce calories and suggest exercise and diet one can not know if the results have anything to do with Shakeology specifically. There MLM sales force use the term coaches, however, this does not require any special training or knowledge, just a willingness to enter an MLM program.

The review cites two items that may be questionable for people with certain health issues.

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,172
6/5/12 7:36 P

I don't like the texture of shake, so I don't think I'm going to purchase anymore.

JENN42076 Posts: 281
6/5/12 6:18 A

ADUDZI can youi keep me updated on what you think of the shakes. I want to start them along with some of the work out programs but the cost is high I just want to make sure they are worth it any info you can provide on your journey would be great

5/31/12 5:03 P

The current research has found that an excellent and ideal post workout nutrition boost is just a simple glass of chocolate whole milk. The proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats. You can not use a faux milk product such as soy, rice or almond nut beverages as a substitute for the whole milk. If lactose intolerant try keffir which has mega probiotics also.

HEALTHNBEAUTY SparkPoints: (7,969)
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5/31/12 1:26 P

I've never tried it but based on the research I've found, it's not the best Shake Mix on the market. When you consider cost and nutritional value, I use and prefer Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. It's affordable, low cal, low sugar, with unlimited flavors options, fiber, trisorb protein, vitamins & minerals AND tastes amazingly delicious!! Can be mixed hot or cold, in milk or water and used as a meal replacement or post workout snack. Truly the only mix I will ever use again. :-) If you're interested I can tell you where and how to get it.

ADUDZI Posts: 170
5/31/12 12:24 P

I am in my third week or so of drinking Shakeology. I tried it because of all the hype about how it has everything in it you need for a day, because frankly my eating is not great all the time. I have noticed a few differences since starting it, although everyone raves about having more energy from the moment they start drinking it, I have not noticed that part. I am also not using it as a meal replacement, I am using it as a post workout drink. I do find that I seem to be more alert and have noticed that I don't have as much hair loss as before (weird huh?). I'm not sure it's worth the money. When I initially decided to try it I was only going to do it for a month, but I'm not sure a month is long enough to give it 100%, so I'm going to try it for another month and see if I have any significant changes, if not then I probably won't continue to use it. I have found it quite a bit cheaper on eBay and will be ordering mine from there from now on. Also you can get some samples from eBay if you just want to try it to see if you even like it. Good luck!!!!

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5/31/12 12:11 P

I would avoid it. It provides nothing that cheaper, grocery-store shakes don't provide. it's just a pricier version with sexier marketing and a more expensive brand name.

A better choice would be to plan better ahead of time to ensure you meet your nutritional needs; shakes and such really don't teach you long-term healthy eating habits.

JENN42076 Posts: 281
5/31/12 5:25 A

I am looking for anyone whi has used or uses shakeology. I work a crazy schedule and it isnt always easy to eat right I was thinking of trying it. The price has me a bit nervous though. Has anyone used it that can give me some feedback on the product??

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