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3/12/12 1:51 P

Way to go, particularly the inspiration!

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3/11/12 7:08 P

Thanks, guys! Glad to know I am not the only one looking for ways to save gas while getting fit! PS: The next day my roommate rode her bike instead of driving somewhere too, which she doesn't normally do. Another "woo hoo" for the knowledge that our good choices can inspire others!

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3/11/12 5:01 A

Just imagine what you can achieve it you do it twice or three times a week! Congrats.

3/10/12 11:08 P

It's getting nice weather to ride, so that is what we did today too. We have no stores to ride to here though. They are way too far away and so we have to drive to them. We did ride to the subdivisions close by though. Keep it up!

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3/10/12 9:30 P

Good for you! That is motivating. I can not wait for bike season to get here!

KATEM200 Posts: 745
3/10/12 7:17 P

I walked to the store today, so I guess we both did our part for our bodies and the environment! Doesn't it feel good that a simple errand became a healthy lifestyle choice :)

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3/10/12 3:43 P

Dusted off my bike and rode to the drugstore instead of driving! All that unaccustomed physical exertion did cause me to forget 1 of the 2 items I was supposed to buy.... but it's all good LOL

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