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5/31/12 8:47 P

Those last 10 lbs will come off very slowly. Just focus on getting fit and staying in your nutrition ranges. Resist the urge to crash diet the rest because that will lower your metabolism and stall your progress.

I agree it is muscle so be patient and work on life long changes. It will happen.

5/31/12 8:39 P

Hmmm. Well, I can only hope it's muscle hehe.

I'm just eager to fit into knee high/over the knee socks! Thanks for the response, I feel cheered up.

I was inspired to start exercising because I saw an older couple with white hair out jogging and laughing on the sidewalk. It made me feel like I wanted to be able to do that too when I'm older! So even if my fat loss is hard to detect, I will try to keep my exercise goals in mind more along the way too. :)

5/31/12 7:16 P

At 21 years old, your body recovers and changes quickly! so it's highly likely that you are getting in better and better shape (ie., looking better and better) but the lean muscle is adding lbs.

I think, personally, that for "fitter" people, a far better measure is clothing size or inches (like, how big is your calf, your thigh, your bust line, etc) cause then you can put health, lean tight muscle on, and not worry about the "numbers.".

but thats me. :-)

5/31/12 7:11 P


So, I just started doing P90 (strength training and some cardio videos) three weeks ago, and I do it every day. I also started taking walks outside.. Before, I was sedentary.

I had been losing weight steadily before, and got down to 137. But ever since I started exercising, my weight has gone to 140 and just stayed there.

I would assume it's because my muscles need to hold more water to heal and whatnot... But I don't really feel like I'm building muscle? I get really tired working out (like heavy breathing and sweating) but my arms/abs/legs don't get sore feeling at all.

I guess.. Should I be worried? I'm 5'6", 21 years old, 140 lbs, 28% bodyfat. I have a Bodymedia armband which claims I've had about a 700 calorie deficit every day. I'm going to keep at it but I'm beginning to get a little bummed. Not losing any inches either.

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