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ITAINTME Posts: 106
4/14/05 5:17 P

From what Jen tells me, that's probably the only solution -- but insurance companies don't like to pay for "cosmetic" surgery. I'll just stretch my neck a lot and see if it helps at all.

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4/14/05 3:50 P

I do believe its called plastic surgery! The neck is the bane of the older woman. I'd love to have it done. My sister had a neck lift only and it made a tremendous difference!

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,997
4/14/05 2:36 P


You don't really have muscle in that chin/neckline area, so I don't know how you could firm it up. The best way to firm up your arms is through cardio (to get rid of the excess fat) and strength training (for toning). That's a problem area for a lot of women. Sorry I don't have better suggestions!

Coach Jen

ITAINTME Posts: 106
4/14/05 2:21 P

Is anyone else having the problem, after losing some weight, with a flabby chin/neckline? Have you found a way to firm it up? It's great to have the problem, but my chin/neck screams "used to be fat" and I don't like it. While we're at it -- what about flabby arms? Curves is strenghtening and reducing them, but they're still flabby, grandmother arms. Any suggestions?

Thanks, all.

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