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3/28/13 9:57 A

find new ways to motivate them, ever consider running behind them and use a cattle prod?

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3/22/13 1:51 A

Your workout is for you, first and foremost. You need to keep that in mind when your workout buddies do not have the same motivation as you do. But I would not discard them totally, just understand that they are not as reliable for motivation.

There are other things that you can do beside working out alone:
1-Do a harder workout before the workout with the other people and then do theirs. When I had a friend in my neighborhood that wanted to go on runs with me I would go hard for a few miles to his house and then did his pace with him.

2-Add weight to make your resistance harder. There are ankle weights and weighted vest that you can buy or you can just make something for yourself. Weights in a backpack will also work, be the guy who carries the largest camelpack water container to share with others.

3-Add extra mileage during your runs. When I go on runs with my son, he is faster but need more breaks than I do and the road we take have a bunch of short loops and dead end streets off to the side of the main roads. So on the loops he might take the first turn off (making a U shape) while I keep going to where he will come out and loop around it backwards making a complete circle and we meet back up at where he will come back on to the main road. For the dead ends, when I am in view of them I will sprint ahead and go down them letting him slow his pace until I catch back up.

I am sure there are more ideas, maybe get your friends to 'challenge you' to run carrying something like a large 80's boom box for music for all or Have fun but most importantly keep going. Good Luck

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3/20/13 7:13 P

In my experience with working out with others, there is always the issue of to much weight, not enough weight, can!t w/o today, or never showing up, so I workout alone in my home gym(man cave), thats not to say no ones welcome, but its just easier for me. I used to work in a gym and workout in a gym, and found mostly everyonee is on a different level of fitness or mind set. emoticon

3/20/13 1:28 P

It's tough to get others to be as motivated as we are for pourselves. I'd say start a new group who's up for you challenge or just go on your own.

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3/19/13 7:52 A

I recently got back into running again and started running with some friends. We're on one of the progressive running schedules I found online and we got to where we were running three sets of 9 minutes with a 2 minute break in between. We were set to move on to 11 minute sets, but my friends were complaining that I was going too fast and they weren't able to keep up.

Now I'm not in great shape at all, I'm just highly motivated to run and get to where I'm in shape so I feel that the problem isn't that my friends CAN'T keep up its that they WON'T keep up. So anway we've dropped back to doing 5 minute sets, but we're only doing three sets, when we were sticking to the plan and were at 5 minute sets we were doing four sets, but I can't get them to go for a 4th set.

So my question is how do I motivate my friends to keep up with me and run for longer distances? Or is it hopeless because they just don't have the desire to run so I should just run on my own?

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