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6/19/12 8:26 P

One thing that everyone forgot to mention was Spark People LIVE!

If you really benefited from face to face accountability, they have an online video chat meeting service with a bunch of different times. I'm seriously considering this as well because WW was just too expensive for me.

Plus it's only 12.99 a month, and they let you try the first week free. I mean, if it's really not for you.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,344
6/19/12 5:49 P

@LKG9999. I work for a government organization, and this is a statewide program covering all sorts of employees (we have to be insured through our work unless we have an insured spouse [tough on those of us who are single...]) We can either 'voluntarily participate' in a 'health engagement model...' or pay more for insurance. Yes, smoke cessation is part of it; alcohol, too, and weight loss.

It's the first year, but my guess is things will tighten up as time goes on. So far we have to take two online 'lessons' and agree to have our data in the system.

Big brother? oh, yes!

But I still do all my 'work' here on SP.

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YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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6/18/12 11:01 A

If you're just looking to do something on-line then stick with's free.

I was going to WW every Saturday for my weigh in and meeting...the weekly weigh in was what I needed to hold myself accountable. Now that I'm at Lifetime I go once a month.

KCOGSWELL726 Posts: 58
6/17/12 4:05 P

Also in agreement, I have done WW in the past and use SparkPeople now. I personally like SparkPeople better. I prefer the online community vs. in person meetings. And SparkPeople is free.

But if you feel the in-person meetings/support is helpful to you and you can afford the weekly/monthly fees; WW is a great program. Good luck with your decision, you can always change your mind and return to either program in the future. We are always here!

LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
6/17/12 1:51 P

BritoMart, which state is this?!! I find it deeply disturbing that your work is "strongly suggesting" a weight loss program. Do they also "strongly suggest" smoking cessation programs to smokers and track people's blood pressure and cholesterol numbers? A little too Big Brother-ish for me...

BRITOMART Posts: 8,344
6/17/12 1:13 P

My work not only pays for WW, but 'strongly suggests' we go if we are over their magic numbers (nanny state!). Even so, I tried it for 3 mos. and then returned here. The renewal process was ridiculous, I found their site harder to navigate, and I don't go to live meetings.

I'm in the process of suggesting to our HR that it be EITHER WW or SP...sent them the stats on SP. They are (thank the gods) seriously considering the option. For a while, I wondered who on our state board had WW stock; I was that suspicious.

Having said that, I've co-workers who swear by WW, love the meetings, and have been notably successful. Depends on your needs.

SHEPIL Posts: 37
6/14/12 7:00 P

I did WW for over a year but not religiously utilizing it and for some reason, I couldn't give it up. One day, a co-worker said something that was like a "light bulb" to me. She asked, "Why would you pay 40 buck to read someone else's success story?" It hit a nerve big time! I discontinued my membership the next day, saved a lot of money and lucky to have found Sparkpeople.

CJBIRDJO1 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/14/12 5:08 P

I just gave up my WW online. I was getting better support from SP. I don't have time for meetings, so it was all online for me. I also obsess over WI, so SP is better for me. Also saves me a ton of money.

TRUELOVE662010 Posts: 282
6/14/12 7:15 A

Agree with everyone else - the meetings would be the only difference. Which, if you found a local Spark People group, would be a mute point. You could meet with other local Sparkers to workout, etc. There are many active local groups; I'd check them out in the Community section.
I hated the meetings for WW and the points thing. I had to eat mostly packaged foods because I was too lazy to calculate points. Which didn't help my eating really, just was eating less. Well duh, anyone can do that without points. And WW really, IMO, doesn't give you long term tools. (my nutritionist said the exact same thing lol) It doesnt teach you WHAT to eat or WHY, just how many points. You see my point? Whatever you choose, I hope you have super success!

LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
6/13/12 1:52 P

I agree with all of the previous posters, what's important is what works best for you. I did WW at work for a while, but ultimately decided to simply use Sparkpeople. Converting things to points I found a little cumbersome, the weekly weigh-ins made me obsessive, and I felt like I was being lectured to in the meetings. I did like having other people to talk to about the program, but that was outside the meetings. But I'll say again, that was *my* experience. Weight loss is not one size fits all!

JUFOME Posts: 89
6/13/12 11:09 A

If the meetings really give you that edge then weight watchers, but couldn't you keep Spark for blogging, articles, recipes, and community support? You wouldn't have to leave Spark entirely - you would just track food and such in WW. Just a thought. emoticon

CATS_MEOW_0911 Posts: 2,577
6/13/12 9:21 A

I agree, if the meetings and the in-person support are helpful, stick with WW. If you are doing online, I would go for SparkPeople. Even if you opt for WW, the articles on SP are still really helpful, and you can still blog, etc. to help work through any issues. Both plans are healthy, but SP is what really helped me with the mental aspect.

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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6/11/12 9:22 P

The key is the meetings. Do you feel that the meetings are beneficial to you? If so, then keep going.

6/11/12 9:07 P

I think it depends on what works best for you personally. I used WW online for awhile and then switched to SP because it is free and because I prefered counting calories to figuring out the points in everything. But I still think WW is good also. It would be my second choice.

The difference is, I didn't go to WW meetings. I only did WW online. So if the meetings are really important to you, stick with WW. If not, I would suggest saving money and going with Spark.

6/11/12 8:51 P

Some health insurance companies will pay for a year of weight watchers. They feel it is a good investment. Health Assurance does.

If you want to stick with the monthly meetings, I'd keep weight watchers.

If you feel you get enough out of the community here, then stick with this site.

I think SparkPeople offers just as much as free sites. My opinion would be if you like the in person meetings keep WW.

VIS110 Posts: 2
6/11/12 8:39 P

I signed up for Weight Watchers for a month. My membership ends on June 19. I cannot keep tracking two different sites. I was doing the monthly meetings and on-line for Weight Watchers also.

I need to make a decision before my membership ends. Do I pick Weight Watchers or SparkPeople? Or do I keep both and continue paying $40/month for Weight Watchers which includes meeting and on-line.

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