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10/14/12 9:34 A

I hope so too, but so far so good, just getting over the pain is hard enough now they want me to try and get 120 degree bend in 3 days hell that will never happen this early. I am just taking it easy with my knee this time, last time i had a scope done I was coming home and doing house work which caused me to have this knee replacement done so I am taking it very easy this time because I dont want to have this done again.

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
10/13/12 10:49 A

Hope you recover 100%. Good luck!

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
Posts: 520
10/11/12 11:35 P

Everything is going great, surgery was a success and now I have a new knee. Physiotherapy is hard but if I want to regain my mobility in my knee and leg then I have to stick with it. the only part I hate is when they push me to get 120 bend now., its going to take me 6 weeks to get it that far, but I am doing great. I can walk without my crutches and cane now.

RANDALLWM Posts: 118
10/8/12 8:44 P

Just wondering how things are going?

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,846
9/24/12 9:42 P

Hope everything went well today! Speedy recovery!

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9/22/12 6:31 P

Good luck that is awesome!

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
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9/20/12 11:51 P

I am really happy that my appointment went well today and that all the test results turned out great today. My chest is clear and my blood pressure is great. So all I have to do now is call the hospital tomorrow afternoon and find out what time I have to go for my surgery on Monday.

I will be in the hospital for 4 days and it will give me time to relax and take care of me and only me. I will not worry about my hubby but I will be thinking about my boys. I just hope they come over to New Glasgow to see me sometime during the 4 days.

I will be meeting with the rehap there and going over somethings with her so that I can be ready for it when I get home. I have to start getting the weight off so that my knee replacement will last 15 to 20 years without having to have it redone.

I can't wait until I start feeling like I can finally walk without pain and be able to workout with the force of my own strength. I know I can do this and when I finally see the weight come off I will be posting lots of pictures as each 10 lbs comes off. I want to be able to show all of you the way I look when I reach my goal of weighing in at 130 lbs.

I am happy because I know I have the support of all my friends here on SparkPeople. Wish me luck on my surgery on monday and pray that I can do this.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
Posts: 520
9/18/12 2:46 P

Hi everyone just keeping you posted as to how I am doing. On the plus side I will be going in for my surgery on September 24 instead of the 27th, I cant wait. I know I should postpone it until after I get over a sinus cold but they said they will do the surgery anyways.

Wish me luck because I need all the luck I can get.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
Posts: 520
9/17/12 12:41 P

Hi everyone. popping into see how everyone is doing and to also let you know I finally got my call for my knee replacement surgery. I go in for blood work this Thursday and then for surgery next Thursday. I cant wait until I get it done so my right knee will stop bother me all the time., I will keep you posted as to my recover when I come home from the hospital.

I have been waiting for this day for 14 months now and am going to enjoy my week now and also enjoy part of next week too. I am going to go for a walk this afternoon and take pictures if I can so I can upload them if the leaves are changing colours that is.

Wish me luck as I embark on this new journey to a great week.

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