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SGTSUNNY Posts: 14,159
5/12/12 1:14 P

Did finish my exercise goals for the week!

Things to do to stay strong and successful

1. Strength Training! Love it, love the definition and muscle. It also helps my flexibity. It helps me in everyday activities, making it easier to reach, lift and move!

2. Looking to the mental reasons behind how I am feeling, why and how to improve my outlook. Looking deep into why I do things. Actions, reactions, emotions and a whole list of things.

3. Eating more whole foods and less chemicals. Enough said.

4. Support of my friends, here on Spark, on my SGS team and the local people who exercise with me and support me. Thank you all. You know how important you are.

5. Adaptabilty. Changing out and not settling into a rut can be so important. Recognizing when something is not working and changing things up.

6. Pilates and Zumba and water exercise: these things have become important to me. Who would have imagined that back in 2008 and 60 lbs ago.

Thats all for right now, I will be back to add more when I have time.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
5/7/12 5:18 P

Don't quit.

SGTSUNNY Posts: 14,159
5/7/12 12:04 P

This weeks challenge

For those working up to 45 min 6 days a week, complete FIVE 40 minute workouts this week for 40 points. You are still working up to your goal time/days.

STRENGTH - Complete two 30 minute strength workouts this week for 40 points.

NUTRITION - For nutrition, stay within your calorie range for All seven days this week. Remember nutrition is just as important, if not more, than consistent exercise when it comes to long term weight loss.

Did the first ST workout today. Am logging my food now! going for full points


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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
4/15/12 6:43 A

Don't quit.

SGTSUNNY Posts: 14,159
4/15/12 12:23 A

This weeks challenge 4-30 minute cardio, Two ST and evaluate your vitamins and supplements.
I plan on doing my two workouts from the library, one is a Sparkpeople workout. I will also do a LS workout as well. Plan on finding a Zumba workout I like too. For ST I will do JM' Shred it with weights and Tank Top Arms,Bikini Bottom DVD.
I do have good intentions about taking my vitamins but then forget, so I will be adding a new habit and taking my vitamins early in the day. I will take Omega 3 Oil tablet in the evening.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
3/7/12 6:35 P

Don't quit. That is all that matters. emoticon

SGTSUNNY Posts: 14,159
3/7/12 4:01 P

Did log my food, was hungry today!
Will do Strength Exercises today.
Energy levels are good, but did not get to sleep early enough last night. Stress level has been up, problems at home (sick kitty) and emotions running high so was unable to go right to sleep.
Work is going well, Yesterday was slow computer issues but today they seem to be resolved

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