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MPETERSON2311 Posts: 5,079
12/21/12 2:56 P

emoticon You'll do great! One that I recommend for all new SparkPeople members is to get your hand on The Spark book- it helps put the whole program in perspective and it's a very inspiring quick read.

SCRAPPINPOLLY SparkPoints: (84,978)
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12/21/12 11:13 A

Hi and welcome to Spark! You'll love it here! Good luck with your marathon!

THOMBOY1989 Posts: 2
12/21/12 9:40 A

I have not signed up for a race but am looking for one near here. Or I may just run one on my own if I cant't find a scheduled one. This is my second attempt to complete the C25k program. Just getting back after an injury and some back issues. But it seems to be going pretty good so far. I am trying to take it very slow this time! Ay advice you might have would be most appreciated!

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12/21/12 9:38 A


DDHEART SparkPoints: (452,617)
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12/21/12 9:21 A

Great goal! Are you in love with running yet? Have you actually signed up for that 5K? They are so much fun...and I know that when you are done you will be filled with so much well deserved pride of accomplishment. Go for it!

THOMBOY1989 Posts: 2
12/21/12 9:17 A

I am almost half way through a couch 2 5k program. My fitness goal is to run 5k on my Birthday (03/01).

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