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8/13/11 4:15 P

I take it off my key ring and run my shoelace through it, then tuck the tip of the key into one of the loops on my shoe so it doesn't flop all over the place. Also triple knot it, just in case. =)

HELZIE Posts: 509
8/13/11 3:40 P my sprts bra, along with my iPod? Not sure I should be admitting that! But maybe getting jogging pants with a zippy pocket is the best idea!

ILIKETOZUMBA SparkPoints: (130,569)
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8/13/11 2:52 P

Wow, there are a lot of good ideas here. I tried putting my keys in my sports bra, and they fell out.I put them down inside my shoe and they popped out. I put them inside the plastic cover around my big old iPod, but they weren't as secure there and I couldn't adjust the volume because the keys were in the way, and I tried just carrying the keys in my hand but worried I would drop them over a sewer grate or something. My current solution is to put my apartment/building keys on a separate ring that I can quickly detach from the rest of my keys, and then I wear it on my middle finger like a ring and hold the keys loosely in my hand. (The iPod is held in my other hand - I like having something to hold onto in each hand when I run.) I usually run around my large apartment complex or nearby neighborhoods, so I never even thought of bringing an ID with me...I should start doing that. I really like the idea of carrying photocopies of my license and my insurance card. I'm not the OP, but thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

FIREDEMONARTY SparkPoints: (23,735)
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8/13/11 2:21 P

I bought a little waist pouch at Academy sports for about 10 bucks that is big enough to hold my phone, I D, and my key.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
8/13/11 12:54 P

When I lived in an apartment, I'd have the key ring around my pointer finger as I ran. I'd just bring the 1 or 2 keys I needed to get back in. Not the normal amount of keys I'd carry around. Now that I live in a house though, we have the garage door keypad so I don't need to carry keys. A shirt with the pocket on the back would be good cause you could carry your keys AND an ID.

CHARL1ESMAMA SparkPoints: (0)
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8/13/11 11:46 A

If I drive to a spot to start running, I take off the car key and tie it into my shoelaces. Then I put the others under the seat...

TABS311 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/13/11 10:50 A

Same here, I tie it through my shoelaces

BECKYR16 SparkPoints: (22,493)
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8/13/11 8:23 A

mailbox, tie to the string on my shorts or my shoelaces.

CANRUNNER SparkPoints: (0)
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8/13/11 2:49 A

I have a runners backpack where I can store loads of stuff.

When I go out without my pack I usually hide my keys in the bushes in my driveway.

I never thought about putting it on the dogs collar. Good idea!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
8/13/11 1:46 A

I either tie it to my shoelaces (highly recommend you pull the lace out of the first hole, thread the key then put the lace back through the hole so you won't lose it if your laces come undone) or I hide it under a pot plant. Not creative and not that safe but I live on a quiet street so I've never had issues.

XIUXIE SparkPoints: (0)
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8/12/11 10:10 P

In the little key pocket in my running pants.

STUTLERTONI SparkPoints: (60,207)
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8/12/11 9:36 P

I just leave them in the car. My iPod arm band has a spot for a key fob but it fell out once and I'm paranoid now. Paranoid about leaving them in the car too. I'm always afraid I'm going to come up over tht last hill and see the parking lot minus my car. I wish I had a way to lock and unlock my car from my iPhone. I'e seen it on TV. Does that app exist yet?

DARKFLAME2009 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/3/10 8:08 P

great ideas...i def need a fuel belt....i like having my keys with me and my BB pearl flip is my "mp3 player" and i've yet to find a decent carrier for it that won't fall off my pants....also, when I run with the dog, I need bags , water, and a dog bowl *eyeroll*

JANAERICA SparkPoints: (0)
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9/3/10 7:23 P

I just take the one key i need and use a large safety pin to pin in to the inside of my wasteband, shirt, or sock.

JANAERICA SparkPoints: (0)
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9/3/10 7:23 P

I just take the one key i need and use a large safety pin to pin in to the inside of my wasteband, shirt, or sock.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
7/13/10 1:27 P

I have an arm band that I put my ipod in or I use my fuel belt that has a pouch.

Fitness Minutes: (72,823)
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7/13/10 11:51 A

I have two running skirts (one Mizuni brand skirt, one Brooks brand skirt) that have AWESOME pockets. I will just detach my house or car key and slip it in a pocket, and off I go! Definitely worth the investment in clothes made especially for running.

SONYALATRECE SparkPoints: (99,363)
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7/13/10 11:45 A

1. wear the key ring as a ring.
2. fannypack if all else fails (not my fav option)

JODILYNNREEVES1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/13/10 11:40 A

I do not run with my kids. I am luck enough to live in a small town of 2500 people so it really is not an issue for me. I just leave them in the car either in my purse, in the ignition, or on top of the visor. I know bad habits.

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
7/13/10 11:38 A

I usually just stick a finger through the keyring and carry them

N16351D Posts: 2,349
7/13/10 11:06 A

I only carry one key- for the car. The rest of the bundle are locked in the car or home with my ID and credit cards. EXOFFICIO (Magellan's catalog or makes a very small external pocket with a snap that can fit onto belts or belt loop. When I have clothing with no pockets I use that. I also leave my key on top of the tire of the car, or tie it to my shoe lace. I have even jogged with the key in my shoe, but that doesn't work very well.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
7/13/10 8:12 A

nike makes a pair of gloves with a key pocket for the winter time. in the summer and warmer months, there are shorts and capris that have a small pocket built into the waist. when i workout outside, i bring only my house or car key, depending on where i am leaving from, so then i'm not carrying my whole key ring with me.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
7/13/10 7:56 A

Tie it in my shoe laces or hide it in bushes.

LILROSE42 Posts: 7
7/12/10 11:51 P

I put it on my shoe string. I take out it out of the loop so if my shoe becomes untied the key won't fall off.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
7/12/10 10:51 P

If you go to a sporting goods store, you can find a dozen options! Academy, Sports Authority, or Dick's would all have any number of inexpensive options.

Over the years I've used a reflective wristband with a zipper pocket inside it (two birds with one stone), special belts that hold a music player and also have a pocket, and a "shoe wallet" that velcros around the laces. My favorite solution is just a regular key chain with a plastic clip that I can clip around a bra strap. I still have the shoe wallet, but all that's in there is a photocopy of my driver license and my insurance card and a few dollars so I could buy a bottle of water if I needed one.

TIAGAYEPFA SparkPoints: (77,247)
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7/12/10 10:50 P

In my fuel belt. My husband has a key pouch that ties into his shoe laces.

NEED2DROP50 Posts: 1,360
7/12/10 10:36 P

I have a belt I wear to hold my keys, mp3 player and tissues for my runny nose. Sometimes I wear a wrist thing that velcros on and it has a key slot. I got it at my last race from Weight little thing.

7/12/10 10:03 P

in my pocket if my shorts have them. If not, I just wear the key ring like a ring.

YAKYJAC SparkPoints: (28,358)
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Posts: 104
7/12/10 9:11 P

If you have a dog and take him or her with you get a key chain hook of sorts. I just clip my keys through this ring and then onto the end of my dogs leash!

YAKYJAC SparkPoints: (28,358)
Fitness Minutes: (73,526)
Posts: 104
7/12/10 9:10 P

If you have a dog and take him or her with you get a key chain hook of sorts. I just clip my keys through this ring and then onto the end of my dogs leash!

WALKWITME SparkPoints: (60,287)
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Posts: 5,635
7/12/10 9:00 P

take my car key with me( back pocket) and leave other keys in my truck under the mat

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
7/12/10 6:59 P

Thanks everyone for the great ideas! I had no idea about a running wallet, which would be a great idea and for some reason, I never thought about putting it in my sports bra!

JACQUELINE102 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/12/10 5:15 P

I put my key ring in my gas talk door on my truck and then I don't have to carry them....if I can't do that, I just take off the alarm and tie them into my laces. Can you tell I don't like carrying things when I run :)

POOKPOOK17 Posts: 88
7/12/10 3:39 P

I have 2 sets of house keys. One attached to my car keys and one by itself on a keyring I hang by the front door that I can grab when I walk/run/bike. I will only by shorts with a zippered key pocket in the back that will fit my keys and my phone. If I drive to run somewhere I take the beeper of of my car keys and put just that in my pocket.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
7/12/10 3:38 P

I keep a separate house key on a key ring and stick it on my finger. Between that and my loose grip, it stays in place. Some days though I just leave my house unlocked.

Jurori, besides my keys, I don't take anything with me, which is generally considered a no-no. No phone, no water (I'm usually only out for 30-45 minutes), no ID, no music. It just slows me down.

7/12/10 3:37 P

I think it's a good idea to carry some sort of ID with you when running, especially if you're doing sidewalks or some other area as a "pedestrian". Anything can happen, and if you are hurt, you want the paramedics to be able to identify you.

That being said, I choose pants/shorts with a zipped pocket, where I can place an ID, my cell phone, and my key in. Usually I try to work out when someone else is home, so they can let me back in the house and I can avoid the keys altogether.

JURORI Posts: 653
7/12/10 3:30 P

I've always wondered this! xD Nice to know about the keys- is that all runners take with them? I mean, no form of ID or anything else with them?

I know this probably seems like a silly question, but I'm very curious!

7/11/10 12:32 A


7/10/10 9:02 P

I take just the key I need and either put it in the little pocket in my running shorts or just carry it.

BRANDON504 SparkPoints: (101,733)
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7/10/10 8:38 P

I don't bring any keys out when I go for a run, I just leave the back door unlocked.

BRINA421 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/10/10 8:02 P

In my sports bra

KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
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Posts: 2,419
7/10/10 7:45 P

we got one of those keyless entry boxes, so i just type a 4 digit combo in it and it opens up my garage door for me. no key to carry!

JACKIEB825 Posts: 82
7/10/10 7:28 P

in my sports bra :)

SALLESGC Posts: 17
7/10/10 6:23 P

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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7/10/10 6:21 P


I have several options...there is a key pouch you can attach to your running shoes (run it through the laces) or I use the gel zip pocket on the back of my shorts or in my running tanks (brooks makes a great top for this).

I hope this helps!

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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7/10/10 6:19 P

I put my front door key in an outside key caddy, hidden near the house, I won't say exactly where, but that makes it easy to get in from running and also anyother time that keys may go astray.

On outside running night group, I put my car key in my water belt.

Edited by: PAPAMIKIE at: 7/10/2010 (18:19)
7/10/10 6:14 P

I actually take it off my keyring and tie it to my shoelace .... but if you do this, I highly recommend a double knot and tucking the key into the laces.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
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Posts: 1,441
7/10/10 6:12 P

Over the winter my fleece jacket had pockets. Lately I've just been putting my key in my bra! :) It works fine when it's only one key, although I certainly wouldn't do it with a whole keychain. :)

AMOHAME2 Posts: 1,557
7/10/10 6:02 P

I've started buying my running clothes specifically with this in mind. My new running shorts have a little zipper pocked on the back of the waist band. I would recommend taking a spare key that isn't on a key chain. You can also get bands to put around your wrist that will fit a key. I know some people put them in their shoes, but that bothers me while I run. Another suggestion is a safety pin somewhere on your clothes where the key won't bother you.

Edited by: AMOHAME2 at: 7/10/2010 (18:03)
HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
7/10/10 6:00 P

I'd love to start jogging but have no idea what to do with my keys! What do you do?

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