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LOVELA Posts: 4
6/15/12 12:15 A

Thanks for the feed back, sodium is a concern, I'll just go back to TJ's Organic Chicken breasts and cook them myself

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/14/12 7:20 P

I don't buy them because they tend to be loaded with SALT, and chicken seriously does not need to be salted.

But if salt is not a concern for you, health or taste wise, go ahead -- definitely better than other options out there!

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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6/14/12 7:01 P

Honestly, I think it's fine.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
6/14/12 4:50 P

Sure it's okay to do if you are counting it as rotisserie chicken in your tracker and making room for the added calories/fat/sodium. But if you want a more healthful chicken, roast a couple at home where you can control what goes in it.

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6/14/12 4:46 P

Anything you want to eat is okay in moderation... even deep-fried dark meat chicken, if you want it. ;) Just account for it in your calorie range!

6/14/12 4:23 P

Actually, some places DO inject rotisserie chickens with oils/herbs/flavorings, so you might want to ask whomever is behind the counter, how they prepare the chicken.

ADOS-ADOS Posts: 133
6/14/12 3:57 P

If you're not concerned about sodium and you take the skin off, then those rotisserie chickens are just regular chicken. They don't inject them full of fat like they do at fast food restaurants.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,673
6/14/12 3:53 P

IDK... those have way too much sodium for me.

Do you stay within calories with it? How many calories are in a serving?

LOVELA Posts: 4
6/14/12 3:40 P

Im new to SP, i have been buying precooked roasted chicken that I use thru the week to make chicken spinach salad, or eat a small portion with brown rice etc. I remove the skin of course. Its this OK to do?

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