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10/8/12 11:49 A

Have you ever tried making it into sauce? You just cook it down with some water and add sugar or even splenda. I have also put it in jello. You cook it down with some water and then add jello to it. You can add as much or as little to the jello as you like. The more you add, the thinner the jello will be. I have made it to be more saucy and firm and both taste great! You could make it with sugar free jello. This reminded me to get outside and pick my second crop of rhubarb! Hope this works for you! I LOVE rhubarb!

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10/8/12 9:12 A

J-E-N, thanks it sounds interesting, except I don`t like fish :( So....I think I will try it with chicken :)
Thanks again,

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10/5/12 3:01 P

Hi Margaret,

I'm not a big fan of rhubarb in desserts but a friend made this for me and it was lovely.

Like gooseberries, the tartness went really well with oily fish.

Jen x

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
10/5/12 9:39 A

I love rhubarb, but usually eat it as a cobbler or in jam. Does anyone have a recipe for rhubarb used as something besides dessert? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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