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2/3/12 12:24 A

I had my ring resized after I was given it. It was the standard size and I have really small hands and fingers. It's a little too big still, but it's the smallest my style of ring can go without hurting the design. I like to think that it's because of the lack of humidity where I live, and hopefully it will fit if I move away from this dry winter-wonderland. I also fear if I go a size smaller, if I could, that the ring wouldn't fit over my knuckle. My betrothed said that if I don't like it, we can exchange it for a different ring. But it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen and I'd never dream of that.

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1/31/12 9:06 P

I am 94 pounds down so my ring is 2 sizes too big. I don't want to resize it because I'm not done losing weight. It makes me sad not wearing it but I gotta take the good with the bad.. Who knew my fingers were so freakin small lol!

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1/27/12 3:31 P

I thought they had some type of ring add on thing for that! Glad to hear that I wasn't just dreaming it up! lol I will look for them this weekend when we hit the wal-mart. Thank you so much!

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1/27/12 2:48 P

Your wedding is not that far off. You can purchase inexpensive ring guards for your engagement ring for the time being. I'm pretty sure even walmart carries them. That way you won't lose your ring and after you're married, you can take it to the jeweler and have them resize and fix it the way you want. Also, if you are planning on losing any more weight, I would not resize until you get to your comfortable weight.

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1/27/12 1:52 P

My engagement ring is a size or more too big now that I have lost some weight. My wedding band fits nicely but won't be wearing it until our wedding day 4-1-12.

Here's my dilema... I need to have my engagement ring sized down but I'm also thinking that I might want to have my wedding band & engagement ring soldered together but I won't know if I want that or not until I start wearing them together. My engagement ring is engraved.

So do I just wait until after the wedding and have the re-sizing & soldering done at the same time so that they only have to fix the engraving once? And if so, what do I do in the meantime? I usually don't wear my engagement ring to the gym for fear that it will come off. It flips around my finger and slides off soooo easily.

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1/27/12 10:51 A

Getting the size just right can be frustrating. I had mine resized twice. The third time I went back saying that it was too tight now. The jeweler told me not to make it bigger because it would be flopping all over the place and possibly slip off. He told me to use Windex on my finger when putting it on or off. He explained that the Windex shrinks the tissue and allows the ring to come off without hurting the knuckle. I thought it was crazy at first but he sprayed it on my finger while the ring was on and the ring slid easily over my knuckle.

I have been using this method and now my ring fits good, not too loose, and I just make sure I use the windex when I remove it or put it on. A person's finger can swell during the course of the day or even with weather change. This is working for me.

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1/27/12 10:18 A

I told my fiance when we were looking at rings that I need a 7. Unfortunately, he didn't pay attention and got me a ring that I think was like 6.25 or 6.5. So it was WAY too tight. We always do the lifetime warranties, so resizing it was free. And luckily, he got it at Jared, so I could just take it in, have them size it, and have it back the same day (instead of my other ring from Zale's having to be sent off and it taking two weeks). I ended up getting my engagment ring sized twice the weekend I got it, and so far 3 times. Right now it's at 7.25 (the band is thicker than I was used to, so my normal 7 was still too tight), but as soon as I lose some weight and it gets really loose, I will have it sized down. I can't wait.

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1/23/12 6:44 P

Hi! I'm new here! =)

I need to get my engagement ring resized! My fiance (such a weird word) got the ring way too small in the first place and I kept saying, I have to lose weight first instead of re-sizing it and I kept thinking we are so close to the date, why do it now and now we changed the date for next year and, since I have more time and more chances to wear it I think I will resize it after all!

1/21/12 1:13 P

I just had my engagement ring resized a couple weeks ago. It's platinum, and they were able to resize it all in one afternoon, so I got it back the same day.

Deciding whether or not to resize the ring was a bit of a decision for me though. I had estimated my ring size as 5.5 to my fiance, and he got a size 5 ring, and it was so loose! I guess the last time I wore a ring was back 30-40 lbs heavier, so I had estimated too much. I've lost a bit more weight these few months due to stress, and I was worried if I resized it wouldn't fit if I gained a little weight back to my regular weight. After almost losing it a few times and having it constantly rotate and jiggle around, I decided to take it in to the original jeweler, and I was shocked when they said I'd have to resize it down to a 3.75...So I guess a resize was definitely in order.

Learning from all this, I'd say take it into the jeweler and ask their professional advice. They see hundreds of these cases. I explained my case and they resized it down, but left a little give in case.

DAVINA_C Posts: 108
1/18/12 2:54 P

Definitely just get the rings resized! Having worked in a jewellery store, it's amazing to me how many women won't resize their ring because they'd rather lose the weight first. I agree that that would be wonderful, but in the meantime you have months or years of wishing you could wear it, or worse, having it stuck on your finger! (Which, unfortunately leads to the rings being cut off down the road in most cases, and that means even MORE work to repair the ring!)

Peoples, Mappins, Zales, Gordons - they all offer lifetime protection plans that can be bought with the purchase of their rings. Which includes unlimited resizing! Buy the plan - and enjoy your jewellery.

KITTEN_351 Posts: 495
1/18/12 11:42 A

My mom didn't wear her wedding ring for over 10 years waiting for her finger to shrink back down to size! I think she should've just sized it up. If you want to wear it, get it resized to wear it. It's not giving up, you can always resize it down when you lose the weight again!

IMSILLY Posts: 186
1/14/12 4:14 A

I think it's a fairly simple process. Go ahead and do it ! emoticon

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1/9/12 3:38 P

I know how it goes. I got my rings off 5 months ago and haven't been able to get them back on. But I am finally losing now that I have correct medical diagnosis so I am hopeing to fit them back on soon. I don't want to resize them. Good luck with your decision as well

1/3/12 3:56 P

I'm in a similar position; I'm avoiding resizing the engagement ring. It's not even the money... it's the idea that I don't fit in it. I keep wearing mine on my right hand, hoping that I'll lose enough weight, so the ring fits.

My plan is to wait until about March, when we'll order the wedding rings. If I need to resize it then, I'll finally cave in, but I'm trying not to need to do that.

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1/2/12 6:48 P

If the cost of resizing isn't a concern (or if you're lucky and you get free resizes from your jeweler) then I would just get it resized as it becomes necessary, whether that's up or down in size. It's not giving up; its simply being practical and allowing yourself to wear your engagement ring!

If resizing isn't an option for one reason or another, you always wear it around your neck on a necklace chain.

KKOLLIG Posts: 140
11/15/11 11:53 A

Of course you can size it! Unless it's a fancy design, it should be an inexpensive undertaking. If you don't mind it being a little thinner for a few months, then don't add any metal to it.

I just got engaged last week. Fiancee and I are planning to melt down several pieces of family jewelry to make my actual engagement ring, so I had one of the pieces sized to wear while we work on the design. No need to worry.

MOLLYSARAN Posts: 1,064
11/10/11 12:24 P

i have to make that decision soon since i have lost weight my ring is getting loose & i am scared to loose it

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
10/20/11 11:50 A

I haven't worn mine for about 2 years. It'll cost about $25 each time to resize it. I don't like that idea. My wedding band,it's covered under the additional $40 we payed (covers for everything). Engagement, not so much. I did get my wedding band resized down. Though, I think I should have had it resized an extra .25 size down. Was an 8, now it's at 6.5. My fingers did shrink, never really paid attention as for how long it took to get like that. It should over time get smaller.

ARKERLIN Posts: 88
10/10/11 7:34 A

Don't let it depress you....think of how far you've come! You should be able to enjoy life as you are living it NOW, not how you wish you were living it.

My only suggestion would be to go to a local jeweler, not a chain store.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,792
10/9/11 11:51 P

"It's platinum..has anyone resized a platinum ring? "

I just had mine made a size and a half larger... because the arthritis in my hands made my knuckles huge!
It IS possible!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
10/9/11 11:51 P

I'd take it back to the store your fiance got it and see what they say. At the place my engagement ring was from resizing was part of their extended service plan, so I can get it resized at any time forever for free.

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10/9/11 10:10 P

Has anyone had their rings resized?

I am so sad...I haven't been able to wear my engagement ring for over a year now. It really breaks me heart. I have been waiting, hoping when I lost weight it would fit again, but it really is nowhere close to fitting. I don't know why my fingers are holding onto fat so badly!!

I've lost 53 pounds...and I think when I was rapidly gaining weight, at this current weight I was still able to wear my I don't know if I'll ever get back into it!

I still have 40 pounds to lose, so if I don't resize my ring, it's still a long way off until I can wear it again!

I feel like I'm failing if I have it sized up, but at the same time, I'd like to wear my ring. It's platinum..has anyone resized a platinum ring? I'm also worrying about making it bigger, and then possibly having to shrink it in the future.

This depresses me...

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