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5/9/12 12:03 P

You can also reset the articles in the same place!!

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
5/7/12 11:09 P

For anyone looking to reset the quizzes (to get the points again):

Start page
In the upper left corner is a link called "Account/eMail Preferences".
Scroll down the page til you see the button called "Reset Quizzes". Click that.

You will now be able to do the quizzes and get points again. You can reset the quizzes over and over.

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5/7/12 4:06 P

To the management!! Maybe you could under My Trackers tab include a reset of the quizzes. It would be alot easier to find it. It took me quite awhile to find it. Thank you. And yes I LOVE SP!!!

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