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11/27/12 8:34 A

Thanks for the replies! I'll track my information for a few weeks and make sure I keep it current.

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11/26/12 5:59 P

Don't forget that you will need to go to your start page and re-enter calorie burn info if you change your routine (you discussed stopping running and doing more yoga/strength training, etc.).

The SparkPeople calorie recommendations are only as good as the data we input into the system. So accuracy is very important. These are great tools.

You also might consider: (1) Posting on the Fitness & Exercise board where a SP exercise coach will see your questions; and/or (2) SparkCoach (free trial, then small monthly fee) where you can send a personal e-mail to a coach once per week.

Hope this helps. Best to you on your fitness goals!!!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,333
11/26/12 5:42 P

at 5'2" and 127lbs you're already in a healthy weight range for your height. which means that a pound a week is probably going to be too aggressive for you, especially if you're running 20 miles a week plus other activities. cut your loss per week goal down to no more than a 1/2 lb per week and do make sure that your calories burned number reflects the exercise you do in a week. once all that is saved, your ranges should adjust to fit where you are now.

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11/26/12 12:14 P

Go to your fitness tracker and make sure your "weekly calories burned" is entered correctly, if you know how many you burn. If you don't know, keep track over the next few weeks and enter the average. You may also want to lengthen the time frame for getting to your goal weight.

ADELP85 SparkPoints: (729)
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11/26/12 10:21 A


I'm new here and my reason for joining is to get some weight loss help. I don't have a particular number in mind, but I would like to decrease body fat and do some conditioning work through the winter. I just want to be fit and want to change my eating habits so I view food as fuel.

I'm already a regular exerciser and I know my weight problem lies in my diet. Sparkpeople's recommended calorie intake for me currently to lose a pound a week maxes out at 1550 calories a day. Is this enough for me? I run 20 miles a week and I'm going to begin incorporating strength training and yoga into my routine after dropping those activities for a while. My current weight is 127 and I'm 5'2".

Thanks in advance!

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