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First, please share your gender, height, weight and SP calorie range...this will help in determining that everything is accurate with your program set up.

I also see that you are new to SP as of today. Are you sure you rememebered "everything" you had to eat and drink over the past several days. Did you measure and weigh all these foods to know the exact portions you consumed? There could be some errors as well. Underestimating occurs often.

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If you're down by quite a lot, making one meal higher may not be enough, and may be difficult to eat if you're used to smaller amounts of food.

Instead of trying to focus on one meal, make everything larger.

You don't post a meal plan but for example...

If you're having an apple and yoghurt for breakfast, put some muesli in with the yoghurt, have a larger sized tub, or include a piece of toast.

If you have a boiled egg for a snack, have a boiled egg *and* a banana.

If you have a salad for lunch ensure you use olive oil based dressings (for good healthy fats) and don't go too easy on them - you need more calories anyway! Include some nuts for more good healthy fats and high calories without making you feel full.

At dinner have a slightly larger serving of everything. Put 10% more on your plate.

Drink a glass of milk with a meal - it'll add a serving of dairy, 100 calories or more, and it won't fill you up.

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It's really important to eat enough food to fuel your body. Consistently eating under your range can slow your metabolism and sabotage your weight loss efforts. You won't lose faster by eating less than recommended.

First, make sure you're measuring and weighing everything. We (as a general rule) tend to underestimate how many calories we're taking in.

If you're still having trouble meeting your minimums, then Sparkpeople has a great nutrition-boosting article for upping those calories in a healthy way:

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I put in the last few days of everything that I have ate and I always seem to be under what they recommend. Some days by a lot. Is that okay or should I try to make one meal a day higher calorie?

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