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LNXLADY Posts: 78
2/29/12 5:09 P

The one second thing depends on your internet connection I guess, because it takes longer than that for me. I get a lot of email and don't want to be all day taking care of it. The whole point of getting the recipes in the newsletter is that I don't have to come here looking for them. I could just use the recipe page here to search for one I know I will be interested in if I am going to come here, anyway. Yep, it's a free country (at least the one I live in is) and luckily there are a lot of free recipe newsletters that actually include the recipe. I'll just find another. Honestly, I haven't missed this one a bit.

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2/29/12 12:20 P

LNX- You must either not be understanding that it takes maybe one second or you are a super, super busy gal.
Also, many times I click on other links of interest on that recipe email and not even look at the recipe (vegan-yuck!).
If there is a recipe I like- I find it actually saves me time because when I search out for one on a web site, it can take a long time to find and decide, so in that respect- the daily SP one is a time saver.
Hey, one thing we have going for us- it's a free Country (for the most past) riight?

LNXLADY Posts: 78
2/29/12 12:01 P

Too much trouble for every single day, and it takes too long. I've already unsubbed. I'm on low carb.

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2/29/12 10:43 A

Well milady,
if it looks good to you or you want to learn more, just click on the picture and the same picture will pop up but with the recipe/ingredients.below it. From that screen you can save or print it.What kind of diet are you on?

LNXLADY Posts: 78
2/29/12 9:07 A

But how can you tell if it looks good if they don't give you the list of ingredients? I have to at least know what is in it to know it I might like it and if it fits my diet. You can't go by the photo because sometimes the photo is stock and not a photo of the actual recipe.

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2/28/12 11:27 P

It saves room on the page, if I think it looks good, I just go the full recipie. If I still like it after I look at the ingredients and read a little feedback, I save it in one of my books there. Not sure what the problem is ladies. Besides, your too cute to bitch!

CVC1955 Posts: 1
2/24/12 12:09 P

I 100% agree with the other poster! A daily recipe email without the recipe is useless. Don't know who the "Brain Trust" was that made this awful decision, but I will be unsubscribing.

For feed back...I KNEW I could come in from my office, check my daily recipe and get an idea for dinner that was typically quick, easy, and healthy...and that we would enjoy for dinner.


That is WHY we subscribed to the DAILY RECIPE !!!!

LNXLADY Posts: 78
2/18/12 3:53 P

Wow, that was an amazingly bad decision. I'm not interested in a recipe email without the recipe. I'll be unsubbing.

Thank you for the reply, though.

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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
2/18/12 12:02 P

All of our newsletter emails were recently changed. Please see this page for the full announcement:

Coach Denise

LNXLADY Posts: 78
2/18/12 10:47 A

The Recipe of the Day used to include the actual recipe but lately it has only had a photo and sometimes now even that. Is this on purpose? Because if I can't see what ingredients are in the recipe, I can't tell if I am interested in it or not. I'm not going to bother loading up the Sparkpeople website just to see what's in it and will probably just opt out of the emails. If they don't include the actual recipe, they are useless.

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