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I suggest checking out the fitness and nutrition message boards. THey're full of great people who really know what they're talking about, and can help give guidance on things you can do )(especially your shared food and fitness trackers) to get back on track!

Unless you have special medical needs, there's nothing wrong with eating fruit... it may have sugar, yes, but it's not bad for you to eat sugar! Your body needs some to function, and fruit also has fiber and other nutrients that are great for your body. There's no such thing as a "bad" food, either; there are foods that are less nutritious than others, but unless you have specific dietary restrictions, you can have almost anything. The key is moderation!

Have you seen a registered dietician? Dieticians are trained to help you with dietary issues, and I think given your restrictions, it might be a worthwhile investment. THey can also look at what you've been eating, and see what kind of changes you need to make in your diet to be healthy!

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5/9/12 8:55 P

Just really confused! Whether to eat fruit or not because of all the sugar! Been calculating my calories and still going way over..FRUSTRATED BIGTIME..My favorites are veggie pizza, soups, tostadas,salads, anything veggie this why this is hard because I like the right things just not seeing the result.. I do workout at least 4 x's a week..That's for information I not a quitter. Just need help, a personal trainer and food guru whatever it takes to win this battle of the bulge..Do I sound desperate? I AM.. Not a quick fix this is for the rest of my life.. Thank you..

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5/9/12 6:09 P

Well, what kind of recipe are you looking for? There's thousands of recipes in the database.

You don't need special recipes to lose weight, either; It's all about moderation and portion control.

What do you LIKE to eat? MAybe we can help you find versions of your recipes that don't include these ingredients.

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5/7/12 8:36 P

I am interested in the Sparkpeople recipes, but for gluten, almond, oats, free is this feasible. I been printing out recipes but there are lots of recipes that have these items which I can not have..Nor shell fish..I quess I am not sure what to eat..Which in turn is probably why I haven't lost one pound. Thank you a new member and am little frustrated..

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