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4/17/13 8:46 A

Thank you very much! Makes perfect sense!

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4/16/13 10:30 P

for the beans that i cook from dry i have entered the dry info off of the package and use that.
say we're talking lentils here. when i enter in my recipe for goulash, if i use 1/2 cup dried lentils, i enter it into the recipe tracker as 1/2 cup dry lentils [i entered in with cups as the measurement unit and 1/4 cup as the serving size].
so if i were to make a chili that used kidney beans, cannelini beans and pinto beans and i made them all from dry as part of the recipe, i would enter in their dry measurement using the dry entry that i had entered myself.
i do this because the entries [at least for the beans that i use] in the tracker for cooked beans are for canned beans. the sodium alone is one reason to not enter them as cooked. the other thing i have found is that for the beans i am using, when i cook plain beans and compare the info already in the tracker with how my beans come out when cooking, there is substantial calorie difference. so i think that might mean i like my beans a little soggier or something. if i am remembering correctly my 1/4 cup dry tends to come out as about 5/8 cup, which means that my dried beans come in with fewer calories than standard entries. there isn't the same plumping with lentils or split peas, but the idea is the same. if i am measuring dry beans, just cooking them won't change the calories, just the volume [providing you are accounting for other ingredients that have calories elsewhere]. so since i am measuring out dry, i track it dry.

JANINEMS SparkPoints: (779)
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4/16/13 10:06 P

I have a question regarding using the recipe calculator. I cook tons of "pot" meals-many using dried legumes. To my way of thinking, it seems I should use the cooked amount as that is what I would be eating. However, sometimes, I don't cook them first. i.e. split peas. do you count them for the calculator? Is there a conversion table to use? Are cooked split peas pretty much equivalent to dry? Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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