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5/25/12 12:08 P

I'll admit I'm confused by this post. Are you having a party after the reception? Or is this for the reception?

At our reception, which would include dinner & the 4 hours of dancing, we had unlimited beer, but if people wanted hard alcohol, they had to pay. If we had a party after that, starting at midnight, then I feel like it would be acceptable to have a cash bar as you've just paid for 4-6 hours of drinking and food for everyone. Not to mention, if this is after the reception, there's only a couple of hours left to drink; I don't think anyone would be concerned about breaking the bank to pay for a few drinks after having been drinking all night.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
5/25/12 11:56 A

I agree with Luann. In my circle a cash bar just isn't done.

In that case have beer, wine and a signature cocktail.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,798
5/24/12 8:33 P

"here in the US you would just have a cash bar after the main event "

Not everywhere in the US!
A cash bar for wedding guests is way against etiquette, and definitely NOT done in my area. If you cannot afford a cash bar, just have beer and wine, or spiked punch, or no alcohol at all.

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5/24/12 4:59 P

Is there anyone else who can relate to this?
I am American my fiance is West African we have a good sense of humor about the differences in our cultures and the way we approach things.
We are having a standard American wedding and reception which is similar to weddings in his country except the party usually goes long. The place we are having the reception is small and nice but after the official reception we would like to have the larger circle of friends feel free to come and enjoy without breaking our bank.
This is the culture part, here in the US you would just have a cash bar after the main event but this would be an insult to your guests by his culture.
The reception venue's drink prices are typical bar price so to open the bar all evening could get pretty expensive pretty fast. We are considering finding a second "After party" place that we can purchase the drinks and not have to pay "bar" price.
Has anyone else done this? Any tips? We want to include anyone who wants to come from the original wedding party too, most of my family guests are older and will be gone by 9 or 10 but my cousins and family may want to come.

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