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2/26/11 11:29 P

Hi BEVEL. I just recently turned 50 as well and have so far found it to be the best age ever. I feel more confident about myself and my abilities and just life in general. Sometimes I get a little upset that it had to wait until now to happen for me, but it is what it is, and I'm gonna take it and run with it!

I struggle with high blood pressure too. Finding the right combo of drugs that will take care of it can be difficult. We also need to remember that there are just going to be some of us that, no matter what our lifestyle, are going to have to take medication - we can eat right, diet, lose weight and still, our BP remains elevated and will require the use of medication.

Good luck on fining the right med for you - it's important, so keep with it!

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2/26/11 4:38 A

Can't believe the years have slipped upon me like this. I know from this point on I've got to work it and work it hard (that is this body of mine). Now I'm battling with unstabalized high blood pressure the meds gets it down but wont keep it down as soon as the meds wear out of my system, the BP kicks back up. emoticon

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