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7/6/12 3:04 P

emoticon emoticon Try the seat first. I am fly and weight more than you do.

LIZZYMIT SparkPoints: (1,227)
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7/6/12 2:46 P

Welcome Julie,

I just got on Spark this week and I am finding it not only helpful but fun and I think that's key to staying on program. Good Luck!


JULIELOWERY5 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/6/12 2:05 P

Thanks to everyone for the tips and encouragement. I think that when I explore the site more I will find many things to help me and not be so confused about this weight loss journey. I just have to keep in mind that it is one step at a time. Good luck to everyone.

LAURIE5658 SparkPoints: (293,587)
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7/6/12 11:05 A

Hi emoticon and congratulations on beginning your Spark journey!

There's so much here to help you along the way and excellent advice to setting and achieving healthy goals. With the thousands and thousands of fellow Sparkers you will always find someone you can connect with. I am always amazed how many lives have been changed for the better through the use of SparkPeople.

If you have not already done so, I suggest that you check out the videos in the "Healthy Lifestyle" section. Scroll down for the site orientation videos.

That should point you in the right direction. I find that if you just start looking around Spark, you will quickly learn about the wonderful tools available for your use. After being a Sparker since 2007, I still find something new and very useful.

Welcome and best wishes!
emoticon emoticon

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
7/6/12 9:46 A

Welcome aboard Julie!


SHELDONFOSTER SparkPoints: (0)
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7/6/12 9:42 A

Welcome to SP :)

Good luck with all your goals!

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
7/6/12 9:18 A

Welcome to SP! Best wishes to u.

JULIELOWERY5 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/6/12 8:31 A

Hi, my name is Julie and I live in Southern California. I just joined Spark People and am learing my way around I never had a weight problem until my late 30s early 40s when I gained 30 lbs. I was able to lose it using an early plan of Weight Watchers. In my late 40s I had a series of lifte events happen to me and the way I coped was to eat. The problem was that I did not stop when I gained 30 lbs. this time. I kept going and going until I weigh 280 lbs. at 56 years old. I just completed chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer and thought I would treat myself to a trip to PA to see my cousins. Booked my trip and checked on seat size and found out that I am most likely to big to fit in the seat. I am horrified and humilated and will have to cancel trip. I want and need to lose the weight for me and my health. I have been comfortable in my little limted life of 280 lbs. for around 4 years now but this incident with the plane seat makes me aware that their is much more life out there. I don't want to be stuck here any longer but it is comfortable and familiar. Just confused on which eating plan to use.

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