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BILL60 Posts: 977,116
6/19/12 8:28 A

Welcome to SP.

TIGGER2094 Posts: 511
6/19/12 8:26 A

Welcome :) I've been trying to get my boss to recommend SparkTeens to our overweight patients. I love SparkPeople, and have found it's a wonderful tool to get healthier!

In college, I lost weight lol if you can believe it. It's three kids and laziness (being too busy with kid stuff and work to workout in my spare time) that's landed me here, with 80 pounds too many!

Good luck in your journey :)

SHALAGEE1 SparkPoints: (451)
Fitness Minutes: (649)
Posts: 3
6/18/12 4:30 P

Hello, This is my first day here. I've lost and gained more weight than anyone would believe. I'm 60 lbs overweight, diabetic and a vegetarian. I am using the diabetic plan.

SHANNAD11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (186)
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6/18/12 3:59 P

Hi, my name is Shanna! I used to use Sparkteen when I was younger and I lost about 45 pounds (180 to 135) using that. I was so happy to be fitter, healthier and I didn't stick out as much anymore. I had more self confidence. Then, college happened....

I gained much more than the Freshman fifteen and went months without a single workout, when I used to run every night! Now, I'm fed up with it. I've started a vegan lifestyle and I'm going to start my first night of P90X tonight. I'm SO done with being overweight and feeling self conscious and having such a poor body image.

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