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DOUGDC Posts: 2,160
11/7/12 9:09 A

That's pretty realistic, ENCINOJIM. Same sort of loss here -- pound and a half after a day including about 8 miles of flat hiking. Good luck on continuing the trend.

ENCINOJIM SparkPoints: (2,924)
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11/6/12 2:27 P

8 lbs in 8 days. I believe most of it is due to water weight (although I have been trying to stay very hydrated). Probably about 2-3 lbs is due to actual weight loss.

Based on previous experience, I'm expecting my rate of weight loss to significantly decrease going forward.

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11/6/12 12:52 P

water weight fluctuates. you may be down 5lbs today but depending on when you weigh yourself the next time you may be up 1. i think it normally takes sometime to see actual weight loss.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
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11/6/12 12:08 P

The simple answer is water weight.

I've done Spark People years ago and lost 12lbs. I've also done a bunch of other diet/exercise plans and lost 20lbs, and can say in every single case I lost about 5lbs in the first week.

The reason why we lose all this water weight is that we usually begin these diet programs after binging to the point where we get fed up. The binging causes us to gain a bunch of water weight, and is responsible for the uncomfortable "fat fullness" feeling that usually puts us over the top. At least, that's what happens in my case.

Eating a balanced diet for a few days usually gets rid of the excess water weight in our bodies, causing us to go back to our "set point" weight. For me that's probably like 205lbs. Once you hit that set-point weight, you'll usually see about a 1-2lb drop each week if you do things right.

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11/6/12 12:02 P

What is the average rate of weight loss using Spark people?

As per the plan given it is supposed to be 2lbs/week, however I have got off to a flyer losing 5lbs in 5 days. I know it is common with most diet plans to see an initial success; although I thought with a sensible plan it wouldn't have been as much this early

How has it been for other guys?

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