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ADAM2298 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/2/12 11:31 P

I have to agree with GRAVELRIDGEBOY. But I can put up with the baggy pants and shirts.
What really kills me is baggy underwear. They look like you can get by when you first put them on but 30 minutes of just sitting and easy walking make you say "what was I thinking, when I put these on?" You're walking along in one direction and you feel that the family jewels are heading somewhere else. Or you feel your zipper is down all the time." Baggy underwear is the negative benefit but I'll shop for new stuff and leave the rest to my wife.

DEANJR86 Posts: 126
4/24/12 2:57 P

Not gonna lie, that fat pad on my pubic bone going away...well, I guess I'm just a vain man.

HUSKERLAND3 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/24/12 11:16 A

More sexual stamina!!!

I went from 5 to 7 minutes...

hahaa.. yayee!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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4/24/12 10:02 A

My wife's more into me in terms of you know what, which means.... emoticon emoticon emoticon

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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4/23/12 3:08 P

Well I do not consider this a benefit because I do not like shopping but others might, When you lose all the excess weight your clothes are too baggy and you have to go get stuff that actually

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (104,762)
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4/23/12 9:22 A

I've got to say my favorite random benefit (maybe it's not random but it was never something I thought of) is how quickly I can recover from a hard workout or exertion. Three years ago it took me a couple minutes to catch my breath after a long walk or just going up a flight of steps. After losing over sixty pounds I can run 5 miles at 9;00 min/mile at 5:00 AM and be ready to do it again in a half hour!

DEANJR86 Posts: 126
4/23/12 8:08 A

So, we all know there are are random benefits to getting fit, and they're usually the ones nobody talks about. Like sleeping better, or looking less bald, or whatever. What's your favorite random fitness benefit?

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