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6/4/12 1:02 P

I love pasta! It keeps me from feeling hungry right away--and I eat less later on. Whole wheat pastas are great--try it with some jarred pesto sauce. Just a teeny bit--since it's fairly high-calorie/high-fat...but a healthy fat full of olive oil. ;)

I agree with the sweet potatoes idea too--and you can buy pre-cooked frozen sweet potatoes, that only need microwaving. Easy prep--gotta love it.

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6/4/12 12:51 P

sweet potatoes!!!

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6/4/12 12:49 P

We like the Near East brand for couscous and tabouleh. They are both really simple to make. Quinoa is good, too. Now that it's summertime, corn is plentiful and usually pretty cheap. Most people don't think about that being a grain.

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6/4/12 10:38 A

I make a delicious lentil and brown rice dish that I eat for lunch every day. You make it once a week and have some every day:
one bag lentils, 1 cup brown rice, 3 stalks celery, one sweet onion, 2 carrots, can of diced tomatoes, 4 bay leaves. I put everything except the tomatoes into a kettle, add 5 cups of water, bring to boil, then let simmer till all water is gone. Then add can of tomatoes. I eat a cup of this every day for lunch on the week that I make it.

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6/4/12 10:28 A

You can get frozen cheesy rice with broccoli for something different. You could also try tofu (shirataki) noodles if you want something different. Toss them with some balsalmic vineagarette for a pasta salad type dish, or get a low cal tomato/pasta sauce. And, they're super low in calories (20 for 4 oz.), so you could cook them with a bit of butter (or butter substitute) or olive oil and garlic with some light grates parmesan cheese topping on the top. What about making fruit salad instead of a starchy side or mixing it up with couscous, quinoe, orzo, etc.?

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6/4/12 8:49 A

Experiment with other grains! You can use quinoa, barley, bulghur wheat etc. just like you do rice but they all have different tastes and textures. It sounds like you have a good system going for you.

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6/4/12 8:47 A

Hey all,
I'm a college kid looking for a little variation in my dinners that I make. A pretty standard one for me right now is chicken breast or salmon, a side of vegetables, and then a half cup of brown rice. I'm looking for something to replace that brown rice since that finds a way of working itself into every meal I make. I like it cause its so easy, the whole grains are good, and I can warm it up in the microwave along with extra chicken and veggies at work the next day. Any suggestions for more sides? Whole wheat pasta wouldn't be too bad, but the sauces that go on top aren't the best. I suppose I could just add soy sauce and no butter but any others?

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