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SPARKLINGME176 Posts: 19,728
4/21/12 9:30 P

Thanks for your help!

ALASKAN SparkPoints: (37,730)
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4/16/12 12:07 A

On the right side of your main page, click on Edit your page, scroll down the middle of the page, put in your weight, and make sure you click on Save Changes. Otherwise you will have to go back and do it again. Hope this will make it easier for you. Let me know how it goes..My name is ERNA

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
3/31/12 3:46 A

Thanks I have been having problems, too.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/27/12 11:07 P

I think when you get a message like that, it's because you need to set up your start weight and goals in your Sparkpeople settings, not the ticker itself. The ticker generates based on the information in your profile.

To check this (or add it) Go to your start page and look on the left side. Scroll down to My goals and progress, and look for weight progress.

There should be a little red link under that that says "change" - go there, and you should be able to double check your goal settings. Here's a direct link for you:

There's a section there towards the bottom that says "For your weight ticker you can edit your starting and goal weight: "

Make sure that info is filled out, and save, and see if your ticker will behave then. Let me know if this helps!

DLGB1973 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/27/12 10:57 P

I've been trying for 15 minutes to get this ticker to work. I clicked on the ticker and icon I want, then my photo, then it says save so I save, then it takes me BACK to the same page, only this time there are spaces for start weight and goal weight, which are already filled in, so I click on "yes I want it" on my messages thingy, and then it tells me I have to fill in the goal and start weight, even though it was already there, and takes me back to the same page, where the info is ALREADY THERE. I'm not sure what Im' doing wrong, if anyone can help me I'd be appreciative! Thanks so much! I really like the idea of this ticker as a visual motivator! :)


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