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6/15/12 11:07 A

I 1000% agree with getting to an endocrinologist if at all possible. When I was having my GP treat me hypothyroidism I was told everything was within normal levels. I felt beyond horrible, could not function and was in constant pain and I could not lose weight no matter what I tried. When I finally gave up on my Dr (when he prescribed antidepressants for me as it was clearly all in my head) and went to an endocrinologist my world changed. My meds were switched and adjusted and I was told I had been grossly under treated. The normal ranges are not necessarily optimal.

After I lost 150lbs my neck was no longer covered in such a thick layer of fat and my Dr found nodules. Had I not lost weight my thyroid cancer (which was to stage 3 at this point) may not have been diagnosed until it was too late.

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6/15/12 10:56 A

What kind of doctor are you working with? If s/he's a GP, see about getting a referral to an endocrinologist or another specialist just to see if there's something more they could do for you.

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6/15/12 8:44 A

Thank you, ladies! I read the article and it does have some good info. I also checked out the thyroid groups and that was also helpful. As far as my own past experiences, I followed the spark program pretty rigorously until the discouragement just got to me. Apparently my issues are fairly normal for people on the medication I take, so I guess I will just need to make some adjustments and keep plugging along!

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6/14/12 2:09 P

I'd agree that we can't give you professional advice, but here's an article you might find helpful:

You might also consider posting your question in one of the SparkTeams on this topic, since a lot of other members might be able to share their experiences.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/14/12 11:35 A

Unfortunately, there's not much even the pros here can do to help you with medical issues. I think that given your medical history, the best bet would be to talk to your doctor about getting a registered dietician referral, to see what would best suit your individual needs.

Pretty much any recommendations you receive here will be along Sparkpeople recommended guidelines. :)

We can try to figure out if there's anything wrong with the program you're following, though, if you'll share a few details.

What's your height and weight? What calorie range have you been following? What's your exercise program looking like? How are you counting your calories? Are you weighing/measuring every morsel, or guessing/eyeballing?

If you share your fitness and nutrition trackers publicly, we can give you more specific advice based on the information you're tracking.

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6/14/12 10:33 A

Since starting to take levothyroxine for thyroid issues I have been virtually unable to take weight off. Now granted, I am not in my 20's anymore, so I expected things to move slower, but I really thought once I started taking this medication (about 2 years ago, so yes the levels are correct) that the weight would start coming off. I had been counting calories and following suggestions here on spark, and the weight rarely budged. Of course I got very discouraged and eventually said the heck with it. Well now I have gained enough that the new clothes I bought last fall don't even come close to fitting and I really need to figure something out. Yes I have talked to my doctor and have basically been told the same info that spark tells me. Watch calories, exercise. Something isn't working and I am not sure why or what to do about it. Anyone out there in the spark world have some professional advise for how to get things kick-started?

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