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1/16/12 1:02 P

The exercise really helps me. My doctor said that is probably the key element to my not having a problem with them. I'm sure that a healthy diet adds to elevate those bad boys too!

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1/16/12 12:10 P

After 30+years of nursing...I'm of the opinion that whatever works for you is right. I encourage my pts to dress in layers, get plenty of rest, avoid stress, exercise 2-3 times a week including daily walks, drink 10-12 glasses of water every day, avoid alcohol and smoking, and stay away from second hand smoke, eat more frequent...LIGHT...nutritious meals/snacks, increase fiber and take their med as prescribed. Sounds a lot like the basic Spark program doesn't it???LOL. Bless your heart...this too shall pass! Keep Sparkin'!!!

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1/16/12 12:03 P

I just had a hysterectomy last year, but I can honestly say I've been very lucky in that I've had almost no side effects at all. But I eat very healthy and probably the number one thing my docs have told me is to keep the stress down. I do that by exercising every day, trying to get 8 hours or more of sleep (took far more naps last year than now) and drinking more water. I had a robotic hysterectomy and have a multitude of other health problems so I was a high risk patient - but the care team that worked with me really helped with the stress reduction stuff. They also recommended meditation, but I just couldn't do it - did walking instead.

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1/15/12 12:34 P

Yep,... Now that I think back to those 'hot flash' days, I remember that changing to soy products seemed to really help too. It's nice having those challenges behind me now. emoticon
Ann, your red progress tracker tape sure gives me encouragement. Love seeing where you started from and where you are today. Wow!!!! Congrats.

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1/15/12 12:21 P

You are right. No alcohol or caffeine, drink plenty of water - changes those 8 glasses to 10-12.

I was told to also to increase my fiber by about 5 grams a day. The big difference came when I switched dairy to soy products (milk, cheese, meat substitutes), almond milk or frozen soy yogurt treats.


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1/14/12 1:13 P

Hi Susan,
I've gone through the change a few years ago, but I can clearly remember that coffee and wine gave me flashes pretty quickly. I can't remember the fat or white carbs being an issue. Another huge issue for me was stress. Oh my goodness, stress would send me into a fit of sweat for sure.
Happy journey to you. I'm glad you've joined SP and our team, welcome aboard.

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1/14/12 9:45 A

Hi, Ladies! I've got a "girl" question for you. I'm going through "the change" and am having hot flashes. I *think* I've noticed that when I stay away from too much fat and/or white carbs, the flashes are less frequent and of lesser intensity. I'm trying to run a little experiment, but wondering if any of you have experienced or heard about this.


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