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6/19/12 8:16 P

Get the Sparkpeople phone'll set you up

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6/19/12 8:02 P

Congrats on achieving goal!! Be sure to join the At Goal and Maintaining Team. It's a great one!

One way that works pretty well is to add 100 calories to what you are eating. Keep adding 100 calories per week until you are no longer losing or gaining (but fluctuating in about a 5 pound range).

If you had been losing one pound per week, you will need to add approximately 500 calories.

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6/19/12 7:45 P

just go into your goals, set your loss per week to 0 and set your goal date a few years into the future. make sure you save and your ranges will be adjusted.
as far as needing fewer calories than someone who hasn't lost weight, well, you're using an average anyways if you're using an online calculator. you might run high, you might run low. but you could have already been a person who ran low to begin with. it's kinda hard to say at this point.
the best thing that you can do is pick an average set of ranges, try it out for a few weeks [or about twice that if you're just jumping your ranges up 500 cals or more] and go from there. if you maintain, then you have it. if you're gaining, then you need to eat less. if you're still losing, you need to eat more. and if you don't hit it on the first try, then bump your ranges up or down 150 cals or so and try again.

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6/19/12 3:38 P

I'm at my goal weight of 180 pounds as of 3 days ago. I'm moving into maintenance mode. I've read as much as I can on here about maintenance but have been so busy and kept seem to find a calculator anywhere for calorie intake after weight loss. I've heard that most calorie calculators are for people who haven't lost large amounts of weight and a person that has lost weight needs to take in less calories than someone at the same weight that hasn't had a large weight drop. Is this true and if so, how much should I adjust it for?

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