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4/27/12 1:22 P

PLAN: I did not stay on plan yesterday (no flour no sugar) for the most part I made really positive choices, turned down ice cream etc. I was probably near my calorie range but didn't log. *sigh*

IDENTIFY; I have a few stumbling blocks.
1) I snack - its usually a healthy snack but a handful of almonds is a lot of fat & calories.
2) I go out to eat frequently for meetings - I try to again choose healthy and watch calories
3) I am learning not to eat on the run -- to sit down, enjoy and eat slowly.
4) I like red wine
5) if i don't exercise in the morning it is easy for me to blow off exercise for the day

- I dont really have much going on today. Homework and a meeting. I am going to plan to take my dogs for a walk.

EXERCISE - CARDIO/ENDURANCE: Kettlebell swings - kicking my butt.
STRENGTH TRAINING: Ultimate m/w/f summer physique strength challenge
did initial test and will start the actual day a bit later since i will have 2 days to recover i think it will be fine

HYDRATE: working on it
SLEEP: still not up to 8 - my dogs wake me up a few times a night.

MOTIVATION: I want to be down a pant size by 5/5/12 - that is the cinco de mayo weekend and me and my friends from school are having a beach bonfire. I may not wear a suit but it would be absolutely great to be in a size 14 by then. Right now i'm a 14/16 so i think this is doable if I work hard and stay focused. Maybe not but I'll feel better for trying.

DAILY VICTORY: continuing to be accountable to myself on these message boards & getting stuff done. My dream is to have everything caught up so there is nothing looming that I need to do.

PROGRESS REPORT: So this is my check in. I still need to work on pulling my plan all together so it comes naturally.

ARE YOU PARTICIPATING in any other challenges or groups? I am ..
this challenge ...Quest for 10lbs less
Ultimate 3x per week Summer Physique Challenge
1000 mile challenge
Weight in group
10min daily exercise streak
and a Bootcamp challenge

200/196/120 (start/current/goal)

4/25/12 11:38 A

Walking to the pier before the rain starts. Still hoping that I can find a few motivated people with a real plan to eat healthy, get fit, be more active to become online friends with.

in yoga I learned there is no perfect just keep practicing. Which I guess supports the 80/20 rule or 9/10 rule which ever you are working with. 80-90% of the time make healthy decisions 10-20% of the time relax and don't worry about it. 1 bite of anything or missing a day of anything is not a deal breaker.

I'm looking for people that are on track 80-90% that can be here to keep me accountable and I can do the same for you. :-)

happy hump day

4/24/12 11:56 P

I really had a great day. I'm tired from the swimming today.
Need to do some crunches before bed.

I hope some motivated health minded people join me :-)

4/24/12 7:26 P

So a post might look like this.
Hi my name is cyan. I just started sparkpeople and wanted to create a challenge to get to know like minded people.

P: I stayed on plan today. In general, I refrain from eating flour, sugar and drinking alcohol. Basically, clean, healthy and unprocessed. I aim to hit around 1400-1600 calories daily. I give myself some leniency one day a week if I want something.

I: The habit I am working on is not snacking. I tend to grab raw nuts and dried fruit for a snack so while its all good for you its not

A/E I went to the pool and swam laps for an hour - so today that is my exercise and activity. Usually its two different things but I was waiting for repair service and they give you one of those huge time windows so it really ruins the whole day.
H: 120oz of water so far
V: Yes
S: Yes, 7 but I would like to work on getting more deep sleep. I woke up a few times.
M: 2 weeks from now my class is having a beach bonfire I would like to be down one pant size. I am also signed up for the Camp Pendleton Mudrun 6/9 so I am training for that. emoticon

DV: got more involved in the forums and started this challenge
PR: My weigh in day is Sunday morning Start 196/size 16 with a goal by May 5 size 14

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4/24/12 7:23 P


Join anytime.

PLAN: In your initial introduction DEFINE your long term balanced eating plan and your planned caloric intake. You should be eating a breakfast lunch and dinner with a snack or two. Restriction: No Fad Diets

IDENTIFY; any bad habits you have or past stumbling blocks and create a plan to deal with them

(This is not necessarily exercise - this is getting outside and doing stuff. Going to a ball game, walking the dogs, walking down to the beach, playing catch, joining a soccer league, going out dancing, going for a bike ride, going whale watching, hiking, beach bonfire, picnic, gardening, hot air ballooning, going to the movie, etc)

EXERCISE - CARDIO/ENDURANCE: 3-5x a week (30 minutes or more)

HYDRATE: 1/2-1 oz of water per lb of body weight.
VITAMINS: Supplements
SLEEP: sleep 7-8 hours per night

MOTIVATION: Short Term Goal (keep your eyes on the prize - something 21/30 days away)
DAILY VICTORY: Your success story for the day

PROGRESS REPORT: Tell us how you are doing with a daily check in and weigh in once a week!

ARE YOU PARTICIPATING in any other challenges or groups?

Write and respond :-)

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