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2/17/13 7:38 P

I love puppy chow, neices love to make it when they come and stay.. fast snack. I put mine in the freezer after making it so it doesnt melt.. yum!

2/15/13 5:59 P

Lol.. all this while I've been thinking puppy chow is dog food..!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
2/14/13 10:30 P

Maybe try Kashi cereal ? It has lots of protein. Do you add peanut butter ?

Here is my recipe.........


1/4 cup butter
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cups milk chocolate chips
1 (17.5 ounce) package cereal like Chex or Kashi
1/2 box confectioners' sugar

Melt the peanut butter with the butter and the milk chocolate. Pour over the cereal and toss until well coated.

Place the coated cereal in a large paper bag or an extra large bowl then add the confectioners' sugar, shake or mix .

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2/10/13 3:17 A

I'm on a quest to make high-protein puppy chow. My definition of high-protein is not "x grams" but rather a calories-from-protein ratio... I like my "high protein" recipes to be ~40% calories from protein. I recognize that maybe that isn't possible with puppy chow... but whenever I try, it always comes out tasting way too salty. I use ICBINB! instead of real butter, and unsweetened baker's chocolate instead of chocolate-chocolate, fiber one honey squares instead of chex mix, and vanilla protein powder to try to boost up the protein, but it just seems WAY too salty... Anybody have a "puppy chow" like recipe?

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