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6/7/12 5:16 P

If you are eating about 60 grams of protein daily---there is no additional benefit ot a protein supplement for the average exerciser. Most people have a larger protein intake for lunch and dinner (20-30 grams) using meat, beans, soy product, etc. For breakfast and snacks, 5-10 grams is very appropriate. this would easily be obtained in 1 egg, cereal and milk, yogurt, peanut butter on bagel, etc.

Dietitian Becky

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6/7/12 1:26 P

I just use the one at Walmart. I think it's called Body Fortress. I've never had it plain but I add it to everything from smoothies to pancakes. It gives me more bang for my buck. I add half a scoop to my breakfast smoothies in the morning and they get me to lunch most days.

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6/7/12 9:17 A

Protein shake after a workout (vanilla) with ff milk gives you about 30 g of protein. They are really tasty!!!!! I will sometimes add 1/4 cup of oatmeal to it for extra carbs (either breakfast or after workout). I'm one who doesn't get enough protein (didn't realize that). I'm shooting for almost 100 g a day. Greek yogurt has lots of protein too.

I use complete nutrition whey protein - a little pricey but really good - and natural!

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6/7/12 7:07 A

My minimum is 60g. Mostly I'm looking for a breakfast option and something after my workout. When I wake up in the morning I crave carbs and I'm trying to lower my carbs a little. So anyway I figured a shake may be a good option for starting the day and maybe post workout.

6/7/12 6:47 A

Are you having difficulty being in your SP protein range?
I imagine 60 grams daily is your minimum? How much are you getting on most days?

SP Dietitian Becky

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6/6/12 8:25 P

I have some light, muscle milk that actually taste quite good. I only use it on days that I find my protein is lacking.

6/6/12 7:39 P

Chocolate Whey is great too....tastes like chocolate milk. Yum.

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6/6/12 7:23 P

Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder-Vanilla! I haven't tried the other flavors yet but this flavor is amazing! My protein shakes taste like milkshakes and the powder smells like cake mix! Not like the usual yucky protein powder.

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6/6/12 6:38 P

Lean MR, chocolate or vanilla

HKC_25 Posts: 157
6/6/12 6:02 P

Looking for a powder to make shakes with....any recommendations...something that taste ok?

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