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7/14/12 8:14 P

I did gluten blood test once..wasnt that or celiac.

seeing the gastro specialist on thursday ..i did some internal tests. they said IBS.

ill keep ypu posted.

but to be quiet honest i think its severe anxiety and some depression..and i have to really find what works for me..been 6 years and ive tried the WORKS!

and im now gearing towards hynotherapy.

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7/13/12 10:18 A

Is it possible that you are gluten intolerant or have Celiac? I struggled for years with many of the same symptoms you listed. I was desperate to feel better and regain strength. I worked out religiously but only got weaker. I ate only "healthy" whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I cut out sugar and processed foods. But, when I eliminated gluten from my diet, I immediately felt better -- within hours!!! I've been gluten free for about 9 months and I feel amazing as long as I don't get glutened. Sure it's not easy to give up up all those tasty gluteny "treats" that constantly bombard our daily lives, but when you know how good you can feel again, motivation and temptation is not an issue.

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7/13/12 9:42 A

So sorry. I don't know what type of diet would be good for IBS, but you could research on internet. As far as getting good sleep...melatonin is an all natural sleep aid that our body loses as we get older, but you can buy the supplement of melatonin at health food stores or your local Wal-mart if you have one. I use it from time to time and it helps. If you are on any medications, I would check with my doctor first before taking it and I would take only half the suggested dosage to start out and see if it helps. Be sure to get your doctor or pharmacists advice first.

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7/13/12 7:32 A

Im wondering..if my actual sleep could be underlying factor in my health issues.

ok so IBS is one thing- they say i have it..after interanl exams..seeing teh gastro next week..its common but cant trully give me the symptoms i have -

which are:
difficulty swallowing especially meats and hard foods
croaking noise when i swallow
alternating bowel movement which are getting ebtter
lack of concentration
low mood
lack of appetite
stare/ gazing
feeling of not being present
upper back pain
chest discomfort
nightmares..and waking up in middle of the night..and nausea( new for me)

HAVe tried
psychologist which im still seeing
currently on thyroid meds- 50mg
yoga etc

Can anyone give me tips on how to maintain a healthy eating pattern considering my difficulties, and healthy sleep ..anything anyone tried natural remedy for good sleep.

i know walks are good but at the moment im so run down..

last 2 months ive had severe nausea and all sorts of issues so at the moment i need to get strong mentally and physically any tips thats i ahvnt tried wud be appreciated


Thyroid is another- but i have had thyroid in the past and it was resolved and i was stil left with all my symptoms..
so anxiety and mental/depression must be it then- which again ..i question as i have tried several medications and therapys,,

can anyone shed some light here!

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