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3/28/13 2:21 P

Thanks Jen for your quick response!

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3/28/13 2:09 P

I asked our Tech folks about it, and here was their response:

We have updated most of the places this issue occurs to calculate calories burned using the most recent weigh-in, with respect to the date of the tracked exercise. It looks like there are 2 reports where this is still happening, and we will work on getting it fixed.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/28/13 8:26 A

wow! that's crazy!

perhaps this question should be posted on the tech support board, though.

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3/28/13 7:57 A

There is a problem with calorie burned algorithm. As one loses weight one burns less calories for a session of exercises and for BMR/day. So far so good and I understand why.

However at SPARK PEOPLE as one decreases weight the amount of calories burned not only decreases for that PARTICULAR day of weight loss, but the algorithm goes back into PREVIOUS days and changes the amount. In other words if on MArch 1 you burned say 2000 calories and weighed 150 pounds, and on MAR 20 you entered that you now weighed 138 pounds the algorithm reaches back to MAR 1 and decreases the amount of calories burned on that day.
Thus the trending on fitness calories, differential in calories over time is not accurate- since times in the past reflect the LATEST weight entered, not the weight entered on that day in the past.
I have notified Spark people. Try it- look back at calories burned a week ago- then enter some artificially lower weight and you will see that the calories you burned a week ago according to Spark people decreases.

Since I want to track calories, fitness calories, BMR calories and differentials over time I find this frustrating.

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