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3/31/12 1:34 P

I'm not pregnant, just here to encourage you to keep up the good work!! 18 years ago I was pregnant for the first time and not watching my weight; I ended up gaining WAY too much (200 lbs at delivery... i'm 5'3!). Two years later I used a WW pregnancy plan (no longer offered) and came in at a much healthier weight. Pretty sure it's no coincidence that my teenaged son (birth weight 9 lb 14 oz) struggles with his weight and his younger sister (7 lb 15 oz) does not.

I don't remember how much more food I was allowed on WW, but I'm wondering-- if you reset your goal weight each month to reflect how much you need to gain that month, would it adjust your calorie requirements to help you gain? Also, I've noticed that one of the SP reports you can run has a graph of the number of calories your body needs to function each day + calories burned in exercise, verses the number of calories eaten. Maybe using the info on that chart that would give you a ballpark estimate of how many extra calories you should be taking in. (Just my non-medical-professional, NOT affiliated with SP, your-mileage-may-vary idea).

Congratulations on your growing families, and kudos to you all for making the extra effort to keep both you and your baby healthy. :-)

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NJE444 Posts: 88
3/30/12 10:15 A

How do you adjust the calorie in take? I am 9 weeks and snacking a little bit more. I still have the calorie count for a 3lb weight loss so I pretty much go over every day (which is depressing even though it shouldnt be). I am between 120 and 122 now and should get up to 125 in the first tri. I am open to tips!


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3/20/12 2:01 P

Hi, I'm 17 weeks along and I have decided today to start tracking again on Sparks. I'm considered overweight and can only gain 15-25 lbs. I do not want to gain any more weight than necessary. So far I've gained 1 lb. The Dr said not to start to gain until 20 weeks. I need to start to exercise! I've been super sick and tired until recently so I hope I can start to eat better and exercise. What are you doing and eating to stay healthy? I'm trying to stay within a calorie range of 1500-1700. 300-500 more than what I was aiming for before.

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3/14/12 11:29 A

I am. I'm still in the first trimester and for me, no weight gain is necessary at this point. I have set my calorie range back to maintenance and have continued to track food and exercise. I will probably continue on SP until the baby comes and just manually adjust my calorie range as it becomes necessary for me to eat more. I'm also a member of BabyFit, but am so used to Spark that I like it better here.

SENZ2001 Posts: 123
3/6/12 11:50 A

There is BABYFIT/Sparkpeople website that is mostly like SP, but there are more mom's there. It's a separate webpage, so tracking is just as easy, but is set up a little different.

I've had two kids and still like the original page.

COSMOJINX Posts: 178
3/5/12 6:30 P

Is anyone else here pregnant and still sparking? Any tips or advise on nutrition, exercise, etc. to keep weight in check. I don't want to gain too much this time around. :)

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