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4/9/12 12:47 P

Cognrats! Eating healthy now is not w whole lot different than eating healthy when not pregnant - eat whole foods high in nutrients, avoid processed foods, high in sugar.

On another note - I breastfed my daughter for over a year and a half, and it was the best thing I did! It was a struggle at times, especially when we found out she was allergic to both dairy protiens and soy protiens, but it also helped me lose all my baby weight plus more since not only was nursing great for calorie burning, I had to eliminate a lot of the bad foods since most processed foods have dairy or soy protiens in them. Luckily, she has grown out of the allergy - sadly my diet reverted back to my old, unhealthy ways (which is why I am once again focused on switching to whole foods).

If you ever have any questions on the dairy and soy allergies, let me know! It wa a huge challenge to figure out what I could eat and how to get all my vitamins, but it definitely got easier and became second nature.

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4/8/12 12:16 P

Congratulations. I just had a baby boy a month ago. Ironically, all my cravings for sweets and other such things disappeared when I was pregnant. I found the best thing for me was eating smaller meals more frequently. I had terrible heartburn and terrible all day sickness with him. As soon as I started eating less more frequently I felt much better. I know that is a common concept for weightloss as well. I also found that walking early on helped. I have hyperflexive joints and could not walk all 9 months. I instead ended up going to physical therapy (which really helped my joints). Good luck on your journey.

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4/8/12 7:29 A

Congratulations! My youngest is now 19 years old. Boy does time fly. Anyway, I recommend breastfeeding. We have allergies in our family and the longer one can breastfeed, the better it is for the baby. It also helps to burn calories. Of course, it depends on how the whole breast feeding experience works for you. Hopefully it goes well!

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4/7/12 8:44 P

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Remember that a baby's tastes are developed in the womb, so if you eat junk now, the baby will be born with a taste for the bad stuff.

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4/6/12 1:13 P

Thank you so much I made a page on babyfit and just checking it out so far, looks like it will be extremely helpful! Thank you again!

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4/5/12 5:26 P

First: Congrats! Remember that pregnancy will change your body, and it's not a good time to try to lose weight; you CAN, however, control how much weight you gain, within reason, so that you don't go crazy.

Some tips:

1) Check out - This is sparkpeople's website for pregnant and nursing moms.

2) You may be eating for two now, but that doesn't mean two adults. :)

3) Eating healthy and getting exercise are the best things you can do for your baby... the healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be!

4) Nursing is a great way to get your baby off to the right start, and it can help burn calories afterwards, although it's not a miracle weight loss trick. :)

5) Start from day one showing your son what's healthy and what's not, and he'll grow up just doing it naturally, because that will be normal!

Don't freak out... you've got plenty of time to learn everything you need to know, and parenthood is big on on-the-job training. They don't come with a manual, but start looking for people whose parenting style you respect, and hang around them. You learn more from other moms and dads than you EVER will a book.

Also: No Cry Sleep Solution. Just... trust me. ;)

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4/5/12 2:39 P

I will be 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have decided that I need to get back on track not necessarily losing weight but being healthier all together so I can be a better mom when my son comes does anyone have any tips?

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