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6/11/10 3:46 P

Welcome BMason,
What a prayer, please continue to visit and encourage and be encouraged on this site. I love that saying to blessed to be stressed. It is the truth. We have been brought with a price, such a precious price. I am in this for the longhaul. So let's band together and make a difference in our life and someone else's life.

BMASON0244 Posts: 125
6/11/10 1:03 P

Lord, we put our trust in you, not our knowledge, but your omniscience power. I pray for every member today that we allow you to reveal to each and every one of us the strongholds that set us back and how to trust in you to bring us through. It is only by your grace and mercy that we are here today. So, I ask you to help us in this journey of living a healthy lifestyle. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God, you are not your own, you were bought with a price, therefore honor God with your body.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!


6/11/10 9:06 A

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. Everyday that she wakes in the morning, I thank God for it. We seem to have something in common, I work at a non-profit organization also, my church. We are a state funded project called Family First. I think it was meant for our paths to cross.
I would also like to welcome Geocacheaz, Ligirlbooble and Genoap to the site.

GENOAP Posts: 59
6/11/10 8:24 A

Amen! If you are happy, sad, or anywhere in between!

6/11/10 7:43 A

Prayer absolutely changes things!

6/11/10 12:47 A

I agree with Revelation girl- prayer changes us!

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/11/10 12:19 A

You have my prayers and my friendship. I'm so glad that your Mom has improved. Treasure the time that you have together.
My work as Advocacy Director for a faith-based non-profit called Feast of Justice brings me into contact with a lot of single parent households. Give it up to God in prayer and He will provide the words that you need to speak emoticon

6/10/10 11:29 P

This was so on time for what I was reading tonight about seeking God for his guidance. What a reassurance of his word ( I never leave you or forsake you). Pray for me that on my job God will give me the right words for the single parents that I serve and be that spiritual light to influence them to change their ways.
Update on Mom: She is doing so well, Hospice is thinking discharging her, now remember she is 101. I call my mom the bounce back lady. She's sown so many seeds in other people lives that God has given her beyond what she could ask or think. I hope this encourges someone to never give up. God can do anything but fail.

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/10/10 11:09 P

A walk with God: Allow Him to lead you for He knows the way; He will walk beside you and take your hand for you are His child; He will follow in your footsteps so that you will never be alone. Rejoice and give God thanks emoticon

6/10/10 9:35 A

Welcome ChattieGirl, Huntergrace, Revelationgirl and Librarylisa7,
You have chosen the right site to visit. This is where you will be encouraged, motivated and lifted up to move forward. Jeanette thank you for always having an encouraging word for us. You mean so much to this site.

Thank you all for your prayers for my mom who was not eating and literally dieing at 101 years old. She has did a complete turn around, she is eating, talking and alert each morning. I know it is a miracle from God. I just thank if each morning and know that God is in control. If anyone has prayer request please share them or praise report. It is so encouraging. I know we will be blessed today as well. Love Everybody.

CHATTIEGIRL Posts: 3,949
6/10/10 12:12 A

Amen to that because without it I would not exist.

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/9/10 11:09 P

Rest easy in the Lord your God for He is in control.
Bring Him your sorrows and your suffering, bring Him your triumphs and your joy, God the Father never tires of hearing your voice.
Blessings, Dottie emoticon

6/9/10 4:56 P

I for one that the only way I survive is because of prayer and because of God's grace that forgives me for so many choices that I have made that aren't so good. I do feel very alone and so it is nice to know that there are others out there who feel some of the same things that I feel. Being not only a diabetic and over weight but also someone who after two falls has difficulty even going up and down stairs and thus finds it difficult some days to even walk let alone exercise. But i try. thank you for your support.

6/9/10 4:51 P

Yes. Yes it does. I agree that mostly it changes us. I wouldn't be who I am without prayer and I'm always honored when someone asks me to pray for them.

6/9/10 4:33 P

Most of all, prayer changes US!

6/8/10 8:22 P

Welcome Sono4u and Sherry,
This is the right stop to make. Sono4u you spoke the truth about how God feels about you. You remind me of David encouraging yourself in the Lord. We know what we have to do but it's just doing it. We all have struggles,fears and we do have to cast our care upon him, he really does care about us. I thank God for just watching what I ate today and walking. Oh, before I forget it's good to see you back Sunset.

SONO4U Posts: 1,474
6/8/10 11:48 A

So, glad I found this message board! Christian fellowship and encouragement is awesome. I'm slowly trying to loose 20 pounds. Sometimes I feel like my weight loss issues are to petty to take to God. But, I know that He cares for me and wants the best for me. So, I need to change my way of thinking and present my request, struggles, fears and concerns to Him. He is faithful and just!

SHERRYK5 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/8/10 11:45 A

With prayer anything is possible. I live by this with God help I have lost over 60 pounds and continue my journey to better health. My God bless to all emoticon

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (564,069)
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6/8/10 11:25 A

When the praises go up, the blessing come down! emoticon

6/8/10 8:56 A

That is great. Keep up the good work.

VETMED SparkPoints: (0)
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6/7/10 11:57 P

Went to the Dr. today and lost weight!

6/7/10 9:42 P

I am so excited I actually walked today. We went to a place called "THE HILL", it was just that big the highest hill I ever seen. We started at the bottom and walked up to the top. I wanted a ride back down, but I prayed and made it down. I don't know if I want to do that again, or walk on level ground. I pray everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday. Well got to take care of mom. Be Blessed in the Lord and the power of his might.

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6/6/10 9:48 P

Welcome Pahealy, Amygeez and Tacones,
What a journey this will be with God on our side we are going to make it. I pray everyone had a blessed day today. I feel so encouraged to start Monday knowing I have people praying for my success and I'm praying for your success this week. God has been so good to us all. It is going to be so much fun getting to know my new sparkpeople family. Thanks for all the love and we will continue to lift up each person on this site. I really do care about each one and know that God sent you here for a reason.

This is something I read today that really ministered to me and I thought I would share it with you.
1.You Already Know The Bad Habits In Your Life. Face Them. You Will Never Correct What You Are Unwilling To Confront.

2. Every man fails in something. Champions simply get back up...and began again. I hope this encourages someone.

By: Mike Murdock

TACONES Posts: 4,713
6/6/10 8:03 P

yes it does emoticon

AMYBUTLER10 Posts: 205
6/6/10 6:55 P

Thank you thank you thank you for starting this one! I love the Lord and am so thankful that believers can come together on Spark to share! What a wonderful thing prayer is! Keep on praying!

PAHEALY Posts: 1,085
6/6/10 6:26 P

I am here because of prayer.

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JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/6/10 4:13 P

Give thanks to God and enjoy a blessed Sunday emoticon

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (564,069)
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6/5/10 10:26 A

To all things give thanks! emoticon

6/4/10 6:56 P

Jeanette & Sue,
Thank you both so much for your stories,this is so encouraging to me and I know to others. This is where I needed to come for strength. I know that prayer changes things and I feel even more strengthen. I am loving sparkpeople very much. I am starting over with baby steps. I am so thankful for my mother living such a long and fulfilled life. She is a joy to me. My mom had stopped talking last week. She is now talking again. She just might make her 102nd birthday in December. It is all in God's hand.

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/4/10 6:37 P

It is always hard when the mother becomes the child. I cared for my mother for 10 years, there were times of frustration, exhaustion and sometimes even anger. But I have never regretted keeping her at home so that I could take care of her.
If we are lucky we have had loving parents, who cared for us since birth. It is a precious gift to be able to do the same for them.
My mother passed peacefully into the arms of our Lord on Palm Sunday 2002.
May God Bless you both and keep you strong. emoticon

SUEELLEN317 Posts: 339
6/4/10 4:04 P


God bless you in the care you are giving to your mother. It must take a lot of energy, and I'm sure it is hard to find the energy to focus on what you need to do for your own health at times. I am coming up on the 5th anniversary of my mother's passing, which was a the age of 82. I still think of her daily. Although I'm sure it is very challenging at times to care for her, you are lucky that you have had her so long. I will pray for peace of mind and energy for you. Sue Ellen (Tarotwoman) emoticon

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6/4/10 3:37 P

Thanks for sharing your love with us. Hope you come back soon.

ALICIA214 SparkPoints: (402,988)
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6/4/10 3:14 P

I am a firm believer in prayer, we are nothing and
can do nothing without his love.

6/3/10 10:29 P

Thanks to everyone that shared encouragement. I need you all to pray for me to get motivated to start. I set my date and I don't follow through. I think it is because I am caring for my 101 year old mom. It is a lot she just got out the hospital. I need to start putting me first, I always put other first in my life. I love her and I have to take care of her. Please pray I get started.

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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6/3/10 3:33 P

Just ask the Lord, He knows what you need and He loves you

My prayer for each of us today is that the Lord will grant us the patience for the journey ahead emoticon

6/3/10 10:13 A

Welcome Hanseen,
Thank you for your AMEN! We are here to help each other know we can make it.

6/3/10 10:13 A

Welcome Hanseen,
Thank you for your AMEN! We are here to help each other know we can make it.

HANSEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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6/3/10 9:33 A


6/3/10 9:15 A

That is the word. I need this encouragement from each of you. We all are tempted by something, but God has given us a way out.

NEWATTITUDE2010 Posts: 452
6/2/10 9:17 P

There is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man and with every temptation he will make a way of escape that you might be able to bear it.

6/2/10 9:07 P

Welcome Sunset, we are overcomers and will overcome our struggle.

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (564,069)
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6/2/10 8:26 P

As the praises go up, the blessings come down! I'm in and thankful to my God for loving me as He loves us all! emoticon

6/2/10 6:31 P

Thank you Kitkatsnotfat, JoJo, Jeanette and Luzon. I think we all will be a blessing to each other and to many other people. I get slat sometimes in my prayer life and I can't afford to do that. I know it is prayer that changes things. I pray that we will come in agreement and see great things happen on this site. I need prayer just to not give up on losing weight, I can't look back this time but move towards the prize of the high calling. Let's just be real even our shortcoming will help others to know we can't fail with God on our side.

6/2/10 5:10 P

I absolutely believe that prayer changes things. Not that I can control God with my prayers, but that I align myself with Him as I pray so am more ready to accept the solution He give.

LUZON49 Posts: 684
6/2/10 4:19 P

This is one of the many things I need to work on. I love to read my Bible. I love to worship. I used to pray all night. It seems that the worse shape my life is in...the more I pray.

JEANNETTE59 SparkPoints: (391,453)
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Posts: 19,200
6/2/10 2:47 P

My day begins and ends in prayer with lots of little thank you God prayers in between. We never walk alone in this life we just sometimes fail to remember who is standing at our side.
I pray that our journys to good health may be successful and that many others will join us in saying I believe in the power of prayer.
God Bless

6/2/10 2:16 P

Thank you for responding. So good to find other believers that know without God it's not possible. Look forward to hearing from you again.

6/2/10 2:15 P

Thank you for responding. So good to find other believers that know without God it's not possible. Look forward to hearing from you again.

JOJO58 SparkPoints: (56,250)
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6/2/10 12:02 P

Hi, Prayer does change things. I am a firm believer of that. Because of prayer I have been able to accomplish my current weight loss. I pray for strength in continuing my healthy way of life. God is so good.

6/2/10 10:11 A

I would like to start a new topic where we can pray together and stand in the gap with each other with encouragement. We all need motivation, encouragement and a friends. Just good old "Girl Talk" is always good when it's about positive end results that we want. Please join me in standing in the gaps for our emotional roller-coaster that sometimes gets the best of us. But we can't give up and need each other to overcome our shortcoming. Let's get rid of baggage and get free of strongholds together.

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