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3/30/11 12:57 A

Kids can find inspiration in anything they do, if they want something...

LMBR72108 Posts: 242
3/30/11 12:52 A

with my first son, it was like he turned 3 and got the gift of being potty trained over night. lol he just started using the potty and told me "no more biapers"

my second son is a very stubborn little boy, i tried everything to get him to go potty. when it was time for him to go to headstart i told him he could not go if he wasnt using the potty. magically....he all of sudden was potty trained. lol

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3/29/11 8:36 P

let him do it when he's ready.

3/29/11 2:52 P

My daughter becomes a little zombie in front of the tv too. So I started using that as a poo, no tv. She had a fit at first,but one day with no tv ....the next day poop in the toliet.

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3/29/11 10:45 A

Don't make a game out of the chasing. Summer is great as there are not socks and shoes to get peed on. I waited to long with my oldest (people critizing me for going before she was 2). We were actually away from home and no pull ups so.....she had to and could. Set aside a week or weekend that you can concentrate on it. for the hat wearing of the toilet, no. It is not for that put it back. Little boys like to 'shoot' things in the toilet. My girlfriend used little pieces of colored paper.

Just don't let him control you over this. You need to stay in control. That was the mistake of the first child. Had one over on mom by doing what she wanted not what I wanted.

Good luck and this too shall pass.

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3/28/11 5:23 P

My son is the same way...too busy playing to take time out to go potty.

3/28/11 4:48 P

My son gets too busy watching TV to get up and go. And he won't go Poo in the potty..matter of fact at all. He likes to hold it. Any ideas anyone? My daughter was so easy....but my son is different.

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3/27/11 2:58 P

My son has been potty trained since he was 27 months. He had been using the potty off and on since he was 1. I never pushed him because I didn't want to push him away from it. At 27 months I knew he was ready. So one Thursday I decided no more diapers and I put him in underwear. He had a few accidents the first couple days but he was completely trained by Monday...that included night time as well!

3/25/11 6:33 A

What blessing I had with my 3 girls! By 1 they were dry and had a few accidents but that is why Mommy can wash the sheets.
They were potty trained before they were 2.
I am a stay-at-home domestic engineer.
It was summer time for all them.
I live out in the country and I let me kids run around the house with no bottom on.
I really contribute this to why it only took a few weeks without stressing them.
None of them used a potty chair until after they were trained and knew how to use the "big" kid toilet. We did buy the seat insert for the t oilets.
Praise the Lord for all big/small or hard/easy!

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3/24/11 9:19 P

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old & is almost fully potty trained (she doesn't always do #2 in the potty) She stopped wearing pull ups 2 months ago and doesn't need to wear one at night.
What worked for my kids was keeping them home from daycare for a few days and taking them to the potty every 20-30 minutes. I have an iPhone and I used Huggies free app called Pull-Ups iGo Potty. It has an alarm that "calls" your phone to reminds the toddler to go potty & if they go they can earn a virtual sticker to place on their chart & earn games.

3/24/11 5:51 P

If you can get him to wear diapers, it could help - especially cloth diapers. They take fantastic patience, but some people believe that children potty train faster when they use them, because they're much quicker to catch on to the feeling of having to use the bathroom. Regular diapers wick all the moisture away, so the child's not uncomfortable. Which is good...but you want your child to learn bladder control, so just a *bit* of discomfort might help.

Otherwise, *definitely* use the cheerio trick! Little boys are so competitive and playful...he'll love seeing it as a game. This is what my little brother did. They have bad aim at first, but they learn fast!

3/24/11 2:26 P

I'm in the middle of potty training my daughter right now, she'll be 3 in June. On her 2nd birthday, we bought her a potty and she immediately wanted to pee pee in it. Here we are 9 months later and she's just starting to use the potty for BMs. It's very frustrating so I feel your pain. Everytime she would have a BM on the potty, we would put a sticker on the calendar for that day, it seems to work. However, I do find she is better if I don't push her and I give her some privacy. Then she can do her business.

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3/24/11 1:40 P

Good luck all the children are differents.

TERESAG0708 Posts: 5
3/24/11 12:46 P

My son was 3 1/2 before he was potty trained...and it was a FANTASTIC battle of wills!! He simply told me it was easier to NOT go in the potty. So I told him that was the only place he was going to go from now on! I had tried prizes, treats, Chuck E Cheese, stickers, temp tattoos and a potty tracker. Until I said no more (because I knew he was ready he was just fighting it) he wouldn't even try to go poo in the potty (the pee was easier). A few accidents later he realized I wasn't kidding! I didn't react to the accidents, I also didn't hurry to clean him up (didn't let him sit in it, just didn't rush to his side). He will do it in his time!

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3/24/11 11:46 A

I'm doing the potty poster too!

3/23/11 4:53 P

I made a "Potty Poster" for my kids and displayed within their reach in the bathroom. Every time they went to the bathroom on their own or at least told me they needed to go, they got to put the sticker of their choice on the poster. They had fun adding stickers and soon were free of diapers!

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
2/28/11 4:18 A

Best of luck--

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2/26/11 9:38 P

I potty trained my oldest, or she trained me (LOL) in 4 days over the Xmas holidays. I was pregnant with my second and wanted my oldest out of diapers before the next one arrived. I followed a 3 day potty training guide (there are lots of them on the web, just google 3 day potty training) with some adjustments to fit my daughter's personality.

Part of what I did was a cold turkey format. Diapers were in the garbage and we were all in for better or worse. I had lots of messes to clean up the first few days, but in the end it was worth it.

If you choose this method, be prepared that it takes support, motivation and help from everyone you can count on. You have to be totally involved with your child while they are awake watching for signs that they have to go, and you have to always be positive and upbeat. You also have to commit to being home, this won't work if you are going out and about. You will do lots of laundry, but if it is a style that will work with your child, then it can be done that quick!

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2/26/11 8:34 P

Be consistent, reward whenever he goes and do not push him! This is the first milestone that they need to conquer ;) I used to throw cheerios in the toilet and tell my son to use them as targets haha!!! Hey... it worked!

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2/26/11 7:33 P

Oh goodness! Potty training and all it's adventures :)

I had issues starting to potty train. My son (he's almost 4 now, a little over a year and a half potty trained) just didn't want to do it. So I started out in the back yard with lots of sunscreen, a potty, and a bare little butt. When he had to go little peep (as he called it), he'd use the bushes. Big peep, we ran for the toilet. When summer was over, he went right into big boy shorts because the pull-ups were too diaper like.

That's when things started to be tricky for me. I'd fill him up on fluids, keep him in the living room with all his toys, a movie and his potty, and he started to get #1 down really well. But with #2, he thought it was funny to just crap in his pants and run away from me with this "tail" flopping in his shorts behind him. A friend told me to make him wash his shorts out by himself, and after lots of soap, he finally started using the potty.

We did cold turkey from diapers during the day (except naptime and night time). I washed a lot of little boy shorts and scrubbed the floors a lot...but that only lasted about 2 weeks tops.

Don't stress about it! Just take faith in the fact that he won't graduate from high school in diapers :)

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2/26/11 4:08 A

I have two kids: one 14 and the other 2.5. However, I really can't remember much about how I potty trained my first one except that when we tried to potty train him, it didn't work. Then all of a sudden he just was potty trained overnight all by himself. It was like he just decided he wanted to use the toilet and he did. I hope my younger one does the same thing, but who knows. Every child is different. I'll be glad when we don't have to buy anymore diapers though. I can relate with what your going through. When it's time to change his diaper or put one on after his bath, he runs around the house naked laughing because he wants someone to chase him. Luckily, my older one helps a lot and gets him for me when he does this because it can drive you crazy after awhile.

MEL9036 Posts: 524
2/25/11 12:32 P

I had to smile at the son potty trained in September so I can see that in my mind very clearly! I can only offer what worked for us -
we bought a potty book and read that to him before trying to start training and then
we used motivational items (in his case stickers on his shirt and lot of sheering) each time he successfully went potty in the potty and not anywhere else.
We offered the potty every 15 minutes or so during the first few days so we had a better chance catching some pee to celebrate over!
We also went from diapers to underwear because we felt the pull ups were too much like diapers to make a difference.

Good luck - it won't last forever! emoticon

GATORLADY02347 Posts: 162
2/25/11 11:58 A

To make a long story short my three year old runs around the house without a diaper on 23/24 hours a day (not really, but it always feels like I am just running after him with his diaper while he laughs and runs...), and today, instead of using the potty he decided to wear his potty chair as a hat...hmmmmmmm, the adventures of potty training...HELP!!!

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