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4/5/12 8:37 P

Today is my 20th day of Spark People! Let's celebrate! (an orange sounds juicy) I am a VERY positive person! My weight steams from celebrations! I was raised around 12-15 Birthday Celebrations a weekend. It was/is my job to celebrate other people's B'Days, it is my life's work. So I have taken that into my life. I CAN find any reason to celebrate! Even little things, like daffodil's opening! Really! What I am learning @ Spark People is how to celebrate without cake or cookies, but rather "Real" foods, or better yet, with a new healthy recipe OR going for a walk/hike. I guess this IS emotional eating, but happy vibes. I am a yoyo-er. 50#'s up, then 50#'s down, keep it off for about 3 or 4 years, then back up again. I've tried a lot of diets. Now I am learning to maintain. I LOVE Spark People! Go TEAMS!
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4/4/12 12:06 P

Being positive is so good for our overall happiness! However, it is so easy to slip into what is comfortable. My perfectionist, detailed personality seems to easily find something that is wrong or needs to be fixed. I made this commitment myself a few months ago and find it requires a daily reminder to see the positive in a situation.

Keep at it girl and it will become habit!

CINDYW1977 Posts: 99
4/5/11 2:57 P

I'm just starting do do the same thing. I have just recently started reaching out in groups as you see and I have been more focused. I hope all goes well for you emoticon

MARVEEME Posts: 6,051
4/4/11 7:30 P

It is so easy to get caught up by negativity. Make that effort every day to deflect it and stay positive, and you will succeed in so many other areas of your life it will amaze you. Try, also, to keep the "Eeyores" in your life at bay, and they can no longer infect your positivity!

CING56 Posts: 103
4/4/11 2:29 P

You are so right to do this! I've been making a real effort to think positive this year, despite my grumpy old husband who seems to see doom and gloom in everything. I've noticed the difference in other people's attitudes towards me as well as my own self esteem. Best of luck!!

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4/4/11 9:20 A

The fake it till you make it attitude really does work a lot of times a lot of people around you are negative too and when you start feeling better about yourself and smiling all the time those people that are negative around you are drawn to your positive energy and they become more positive too :) its really a good feeling when you feel influential....My role model is Olivia Wilde and she had a interview with womens health and in it she said when she had to smile and didnt want to she would picture someone punching her in the stomach and instead of ughing for breath she would smile. putting an image like that in your head will help you fake it better and the more you fake it the more natural it starts to feel

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4/3/11 10:45 A

Positive thinking does so drastically change your life--I became a "fake it 'til you make it" person after going through tragedies and it really helped me out. Someone once told me you don't have to smile for very long before it's reflected back to you. I have a box of note cards and it helps to sit down and write a quick note to someone who has done something nice for me or someone else in the past week. If you think about it, there is always someone. Some how, that perks me up too.

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4/3/11 12:25 A

Today my goal was to think more positively. I have always been a "glass is half empty" kind of girl, sometimes I didn't even realize I was being so negative, it just came natural.
Today I have decided that I am DONE being so negative! I am starting each day with a positive thought, and a positive compliment to myself!
This site is helping me reach out to others for help when I need it to keep me motivated. I have never reached out to others for support in the past (which is probably why my past attempts failed, huh?) This time I refuse to give up or fail! Failure is not an option this time!

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