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9/21/12 9:34 P

Greek yogurt with bran buds, fresh berries and honey - delicious and definitely filling.

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9/21/12 6:20 P

When I see whole chickens on sale or just chicken breasts, I load up. I often cook these in the crock pot a variety of ways...but one of my favorites is to line the bottom of the crockpot with frozen chicken breasts; I think put in a low sodium packet of taco seasoning & pour in a jar of picante salsa (i use Pace). Oh my goodness, it's SOOO good. You can eat it with veggies; put the chicken along with some sauce over some brown rice;shred the chicken, add some cheese & roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla. You can put the shredded chicken on a salad; or on a bun for a sandwich.

I also will put a roast in the crockpot, season as you want & I often do the exact same thing as I described above. That helps to make the meat worth the purchase & we eat is several different ways.

Boca Burgers in the freezer section of the store is awesome - you can nuke on or two up, put on top of a bed of lettuce with dill pickle chips, tomatoes & onions & it's almost like a burger - it's very filling!

I keep lettuce in the fridge & if I don't use it for a salad, I use it to roll up my meat in - I don't eat a LOT of bread. I keep tomatoes & cucumbers all the time to just slice & & eat cold. IF I have an avocado I add some of that to my mixture & it's a refreshing salad of sorts.

I recently had 2 eggplants (totally by mistake) - I had NEVER cooked with them before. I found a recipe here on SP that I ended up making a vegetable lasagna, but it uses the sliced eggplant as the noodles - it was awesome.

Keep fruit & veggies on hand to snack on - also, I'd suggest reorganizing your refrig & pantry so that ALL the healthy foods are at eye level for YOU, so that when you open the panty or frig that's what you see first.

Make a plan & work it - you'll find IF you don't it's easy to just grab something that isn't that great for you.

Good luck - you CAN do this!

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9/21/12 12:35 P

I eat lentil soup a lot for lunch. You get a huge serving, and it's low in calories and fat and high in protein and fiber. Here's the recipe I use:
Sometimes, I leave out the barley, or substitute brown rice. I also use homemade vegetable broth, which cuts out a lot of sodium.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I usually cook this on the stove. It takes about 1 hour

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9/21/12 9:30 A

PB&J on a good whole wheat, with raw carrots or apple sauce or something similar is one of my favorite lunches. It fills me up nicely for at least a few hours to a snacktime, if not straight throught to dinner. And it makes me feel like a kid, again.

Chili is another favorite, either meatless or use half of the meat your favorite recipe calls for and adding more chili beans. Pair with a side salad, and I will often have trouble finishing the whole thing and will likely not eat the rest of the night.

Clean out your fridge and make a left-over casserole (leftover chicken diced, leftover rice, leftover soup, etc.). It's economical and it is often a tasty way to give leftovers a facelift.

Pay attention to the protein and fiber values for your meals. Carbs in the meal will get you going, then the protein and fiber will sustain you.

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EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
9/18/12 10:13 P

i make a low fat spinach dip with sour cream, italian seasoning, garlic salt and onion powder with frozen spinach, thawed and drained. serve with fresh vegetables.

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9/15/12 8:19 A

I'm afraid I'm getting way off track & I'd really appreciate it if you'd share recipes that will help me feel fuller longer.

Thanks in advance!

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