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3/20/12 6:49 P

If your weight ticker is accurate, you're probably pretty close to a healthy BMI right now. You haven't said your height, but I'm 5'1-ish and 132 pounds was the crossover from 'overweight' to 'healthy' for me... so even if you're short, you're within five pounds of healthy.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't continue lose weight, but you need to keep in mind that the closer you are to a healthy BMI, the slower weight loss will be. Someone 200+ pounds can probably expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week, and a heavier person might see multiple pounds in a week. Once you get close to that 18-25 BMI mark, weight loss slows dramatically. One pound a week is a generous loss at this point, and as you move into healthy it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect .5 a week.

It sounds like you're doing everything right. Remember that even with all the formulas out there, we can't control how much our bodies lose because we're not perfect machines. We can only control our actions. Keep doing what you're doing, and the weight will come off. A goal isn't all or nothing; Even if you don't hit the magic number by your deadline, you'll still be better off by that point if you keep at it (not to mention, deadlines come and go, but health is forever. You need to keep with your lifestyle changes even after that date has passed, so it's just a blip in the road).

One thing I noticed is that even when my weight loss did slow down, the changes kept happening. My body firmed up (strength training will do wonders - if you're not already doing it, you should start) and my body continued to shrink. I haven't lost weight in months, and I've even 'gained' a couple pounds occasionally, but I'm smaller and fitter than I was when I hit my goal last summer. There's a certain point when targeting a specific number becomes less meaningful and the real goals - in your case, being a certain size and fitting into certain clothes - become the thing to focus on. And I'm not saying that as a boost to make you feel better about the scale - I mean it. Even at goal weight, your body will fluctuate several pounds over the course of a day due to several factors, so pinning a goal on one number on the scale becomes counterproductive. You really do have to go by how you feel and fit.

Good luck!

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3/20/12 4:10 P

I think that what might work for one person might not work for another.
Our bodies are unique so I'm not sure that anyone could tell you if you are eating correctly.

I understand that you have a deadline, but your body has it's own schedule. You might not be able to force it burn fat any faster. If you were on a faster diet before, why not go back to it? If it worked, then maybe that is what is right for you.

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3/20/12 1:25 P

I guess your right Batgirl my expectations are higher....I am used to being on diets like Southbeach or Dukan where ou lose a lot more quicker and I am truly disappointed. i have to lose 25 by June 22 to go on vacation and fit into my clothes from last year. i want to do this right so I am just checking to see if i am eating right.

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3/20/12 12:58 P

3 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing!!! Honestly it sounds like since you're losing a pound a week that you're doing really well. What were your expectations that you're not meeting? It may be that you set your expectations a little high.

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3/20/12 12:58 P


How long have you been tracking your nutrition? Are you walking at an intensity hard enough to elevate your heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate? Are you doing any strength training activity?

Coach Nancy

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3/20/12 12:50 P

I am not losing what I want to. Here is generally what I eat..this is today: Breakfast - 2 eggs 8oz of skim milk with sugar free choc syrup (to get it down) Lunch - Whole wheat flat out bread with salad and 2 oz of baked chicken breast on it (like a wrap) 2 tbs of light dressing spread on the wrap. 10 lentil chips, 1 small apple. Snack - 4 peices of melb toast with light laughing cow cheese on the crackers. Dinner... 4 oz strip steak grilled, cooked spinich, small sald with 1 tbs light dressing. Nighttime snack either none of some microwave peopcorn or some fruit (a cup). I only lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks!!!!! Any ideas or suggestions ? Oh yes I drink my 8 glasses of water EVERY day or more. I walk at least 30 min per day...a fast walk!

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