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3/25/12 12:33 P

From one college girl to another, I've definitely been there. College can really ruin your diet when you start stressing more about school and less about nutrition and exercise. It happens. But its never a hopeless situation. Start trying to be healthy again-start slowly. I think of it this way, two months from now I could be congratulating myself on losing a little weight if I take out some time every day for myself to be healthy. It can be a pain in the behind sometimes and I don't always feel like it, but why waste those two months when you could do so much more? I gained a good 50lbs in high school when my course load got to be overly stressful. Then I came to college, gained another 10lbs, and just accepted my weight for the first two years. I always thought to myself after every year, wow, if I had just gotten on the treadmill every once in a while maybe I could have lost all this weight in the past few semesters. So my junior year I decided to stop regretting all that wasted time and started to go to the gym again and stopped eating so awfully.

And when it comes to guys in your life, I would stop worrying about what others think of your weight. If you really want to be happy in a relationship, you really need to be happy with yourself first. Work on you, make yourself happy, and if he's at all smart he'll be there for you through it. And please remember, beauty is more than just a number on a scale.

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3/25/12 4:01 A

emoticon take one day at a time
emoticon make better choices today than you did yesterday and keep building daily on these as you go
emoticon find cardio and exercise you like and keep doing them with dedication..
emoticon accept we only get one body, make it the best body it can be..
emoticon tell family, friends and people whom you can rely on your need for support..
emoticon frame = this journey is for life and is never finished...

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3/24/12 9:29 P

No, I have no experience like you. But I have experience in dealing with fear, frustration and failure. The one who wins is the one who is the last one out. You determine whether you win or lose. Have you tried the site? It is a great coaching plan for 21 days. We are all in this together - don't give up, rather get strong emotionally so that you won't give up. I have a sheer determination that nothing is going to win over my own goals to be healthy for my family. Do you feel the same way?

3/24/12 7:58 P

Hi everybody! I joined this website a couple years ago and I stopped going on it, but I am back now because I want to become motivated like I used to. I used to run all the time and most of my life, I was on a diet. I even lost 50 pounds before and I was so happy but then a couple years ago I was a freshman in college, and I gained over 60 pounds since. I now weigh 266 :( I just gained 10 more pounds in the last week...I am feeling myself loosing control and I am so scared because if I gain more weight, I could be 300 pounds. I have a boyfriend, who I been together with for a year and a few months. Hes so amazing and I weigh more than him, which makes me feel more like crap and he tells me im beautiful everyday, but in time I know it'll passed...I cried all the time over this, and I feel like its hopeless...can someone please tell me their experiences with dealing with this situation?

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