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8/28/11 8:33 P

You can still help your son even though he is in college. join a weight loss program together and support motivate and encourage each other to lose weight and exercise.Remove all processed foods and junk from your fridge and home. I have a rule for my home no cookies junk sugar and processed foods in my home and i eat clean.Start eating clean and helping him to eat clean too.

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8/27/11 3:25 P

I want to be a good example of healthy eating for my children. They snack on alot of junk and rarely want to eat what I cook. I am trying with Spark to make better tasting healthy meals for them.

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8/27/11 3:55 A

I am definitely trying to set a good example for my 2 boys but know I need to change some of my habits or they will start to gain weight also. Right now both of my boys are the weights they should be but I worry since I have sleep apnea and both of them did that if they start to get overweight like me that it will come back and they will need a machine like I do. With the diagnosis we each have eating healthy is sorta mandatory because we are limited in what we can have. What I really need to do is make sure all 3 of us eat 3 meals a day because I know how we are eating now isn't helping.

8/26/11 7:50 A

Amen, Mom!

7/29/11 8:17 P

All you can do is try try and try some more! I was over weight and I knew it, but I didn't know what eating could do, sugar and salt every where!! I started out slow, I didn't see anything right away, and I kept going, getting new shoes, doing the right foods, finally 3years after my son (soon to be 5) was born I was seeing results, (in my pictures of course) and that made me want to keep going. Now I just don't know if I can ever stop going (haha except at night when it's time to sleep because the 5yr old is sleeping too)

HAHA!! Good luck! emoticon

KELECOE Posts: 91
7/27/11 2:54 P

There is so much truth to this message. Yes, it is fun to give the kids a "treat" and get the toy or while on vacation get all the crap offered at gas stations. But those "treats" really add up.
I wish those of you with older kids on changing habits. Maybe go about it in a subtle way - like getting a big dog who needs to be walked every day. Little kids - get them in the kitchen! My son hated veggies until one day I made him "help" with the green peppers. He hasn't stopped eating them since! Heck, whenever he hears the cutting board being pulled out I can't get him out of the kitchen! It's amazing the things he will try.

7/27/11 2:05 P

You are so right, thanks for taking the time to make up aware of how accountable we REALLY are as parents. =) =) Good luck to everyone with their kids, and I hope everyone has a productive day !!

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7/27/11 1:08 A

I am trying really hard to set a good example for my 210 lb. 14 y.o. He does work out with me 4 days a week now and push mows 2 big yards a week. Still, his diet is awful, I have restricted him and we only keep healthy food in the house, but he will eat til he is almost sick. I have selected a therapist for him now that has experience with kids with eating disorders and am anxious to get him in.

On a side note: I too was diagnosed with sleep apnea when I was at my heaviest, around 205 lbs, and now, I can't use it because it is too much air in my face and I gag. I still snore occasionally, according to my family, but I'm much better with the weight I've lost. So, if he can drop several pounds, he may not need his CPAP.

Good luck and God bless, Michelle

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7/26/11 11:34 P

I am sorry to hear that :(

Don't think that because your son is in college that you cannot do anything to help him! You are still his mother and even if he does not appear to, i'm certain he values your opinions!

Maybe you could walk 30 minutes a day with him everyday, or a few days a week! Although you cannot technically force him to do anything, by supporting him and going through this with him it could make all the difference!

I hope he begins to exercise and make a change!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
7/26/11 6:29 P

Last night my baby (19) spent the night at a sleep center for a sleep study, and this morning we were told he has sleep apnea. This wasn't surprising since he snores loudly and weighs 300 pounds. But I couldn't, and still can't, help but feel so guilty for my part in letting him eat his way to this. I wish I could go back and redo so much-instead of taking him to fast food places for the toys with the fattening meals, I wish I'd cooked more at home and did active stuff with him.

Now I know he's old enough to make his own choices pretty much and his food choices are not good. There are no veggies and few fruits in his diet. And activity is close to nothing.
His doctor has told him he needs to walk 30 mn/day but he chooses to sit as his computer.
He starts back to college next month which is a little more activity. He worked for a while this summer but was laid off :(

Anyway, I just wanted to say if you're a parent, make good choices for your kids NOW while you can-you won't regret it later! I'm sure when I see my son with that cpap mask on each night, I will regret my past decisions over & over!!

Sorry for the long post, needed to vent

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