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7/11/13 9:53 A

I can so relate. I generally have about 10 minutes to throw a meal on the table, so that's what I do. I use the crock pot in the beginning of the week. Maybe a roast, maybe chicken breasts. Or I'll cook a large batch of ground beef on Sunday or something. Then, I use these basics to build a 10 minute meal the rest of the week. Chicken fried rice using the leftover chicken and rice, roast beef sandwiches and I'll have mine on a salad, or similar. Where I meet my picky kids halfway is in the side dishes. I try to always make something my picky son likes-mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, watermelon, something like that. I'll also make one or two side dishes that I like regardless of anyone else's preference. This way the picky folks always have options and I don't sacrifice my diet. And, dinner is on the table in 10 minutes.


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7/8/13 2:33 P

My daughter is one of the pickiest eaters. Since it's usually just me and my two girls, I try to think of something she would like. Both of my children will usually eat spaghetti. I often get a veggie sauce, though my older daughter never eats the veggie chunks. We also eat peanut butter sandwiches a lot and the only thing she will eat when we go out is chicken nuggets/strips and French fries. I've gotten to the point where I usually just fix something and she'll eat it when she gets hungry.

We go out to eat when my boyfriend is home because he's even worse. Too much sauce, not enough salt, doesn't like pepper, etc. and I'm done....

Best of luck finding what works for your family!

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7/2/13 10:36 A

My daughter is so beyond picky. It's literally chicken nuggets all the time. I usually just throw them in the stove when I'm cooking to cook with my food and take them out earlier. She will eat veggies but I have to hide them. Like I got so desperate for her to eat something green I cut the chicken nuggets open and hide broccoli in them. It takes a lot of effort but she will eat veggies darn it!

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7/2/13 6:01 A

Make your healthy meal and give the family extra carbs and fruit. You are not a short order cook. The family will not starve if they choose to eat peanut butter sandwiches or soup. Maybe they will become bored and try the healthy stuff.

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6/12/13 6:45 P

I am super picky. My 12 year old twins also require more calories than me.

One thing that works for us is tacos. (tonight's dinner) Everyone can put their own things on top. I make a taco salad instead of shells for me, my daughter puts cheese on hers, and my son who can't eat cheese leaves it off. We also make individual pizzas too.

If I make something my kids don't like, they always have the option of making themselves a sandwich and having fruit with it.

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6/12/13 4:32 P

My schedule tends to quite chaotic. I'm a true lover of the crockpot; however, it's difficult to make some of these healthier recipe suggestions for my family. I'm not going to make one meal for them and one for myself. I am an intervention specialist for an autism program, so I'm way too busy to do that. I need some picky eater friendly recipes.

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