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9/27/12 4:01 P

Thank you, i'll try that :)

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9/27/12 3:43 P

Could you try having chicken nuggets and picking off the fried part? Or making your own from scratch and sauteing them in a pan instead of frying them?
For pizza, you could also make your own and choose turkey pepperoni (if you like pepperoni) and low-fat mozzarella. Maybe also puree vegetables into your sauce so you can't taste them.
Try a burger without the bun, or get a leaner ground meat.
Start with small changes first and work up to introducing new foods for yourself. If you're stuck on prepackaged stuff, start reading labels and choose items that have higher protein and fiber and less fat and sodium.

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9/26/12 11:15 A

The types of food I eat has significantly decreased along the years... I eat pizza and hamburgers, chicken nuggets, turkey sandwiches..... It's really bad...

But before, I weighed a decent weight, but then I was put on meds which caused a LOT of weight gain, I just finally got them to take me off them.

I don't eat much, when i'm "in the zone" I eat the right amount, maybe a little less. It's just that the food I can't get myself to eat is significantly higher than the food I do eat.

My doctor was working with me on it but I couldn't stand being weighed every time I went so I stopped going, my therapist helps some, not much.

9/26/12 11:07 A

Purely out of curiosity.... What is it that you typically eat? If you are eating minimal variety, what has led to weight gain? Is it the type of food or the quantity?
Sparkpeople has a lot of resources. Maybe typing in the food you eat most into the recipe section and getting different ideas on how to prepare your food of choice? Maybe there is a SparkTeam for picky eaters? There are quite a few teams and some random ones. LOL!
I think you made a good choice to start on SP, like I said, there are many resources here.

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9/26/12 10:52 A

I AM seeing someone professional and i'm not asking for help with that.... My point in bringing it up is so people know how hard it is for me to find things to eat.

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9/26/12 10:46 A

First, if you think you may have any type of eating disorder, you should seek out a professional. I am sure they can help you with your food issues. Speaking of eating disorders is outside the scope of us on spark.

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9/26/12 10:37 A

I'm such a picky eater, and in the way that i'm picky makes it considered an eating disorder. Is there any other picky eaters out there that would consider being my weight loss buddy?

I weigh around 245 pounds right now and i'd really like to weigh around 130 before fall of 2014, so I have some time (but the sooner I lose it the better!)

Please pm me or email me:

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